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Sunrise Movement's

Theory Of Change

What is fascism?

What is Fascism?!

The word “fascism” has been thrown around a lot lately. And I think some people are wondering, what is “fascism?” […]

New Campaign: Fighting F*cking Fascism

We’re Fighting F*cking Fascism: 2022 Midterms Strategy

Background After a year of really tough political moments for young people with more school shootings, the overturn of Roe […]

Young Voters FAQ: Does my vote matter?

Young Voters FAQ: Does My Vote Matter?

Young Voters FAQ: Does My Vote Matter? After all the inaction we’ve seen this year, how can you say elections […]

The Climate Crisis won't be solved until Black Lives Matter

The Climate Crisis Can’t Be Solved Until Black Lives Matter

I always understood the climate crisis was an existential threat to humanity, but never thought of it as deeply personal […]

CCC Explained

The Civilian Climate Corps (CCC), Explained

What is the Civilian Climate Corps? The Civilian Climate Corps is a visionary policy that would create a government jobs […]

Good Jobs For All

Why Sunrise is Demanding $10 Trillion in Investment Over 10 Years

Biden, Harris, and Senate Democrats just made history passing the American Rescue Plan, spending $1.9 trillion to provide much needed […]

Sunrise Job Guarantee

What is A Federal Jobs Guarantee?

We live in a moment of historic crises — a health crisis, an inequality crisis, a racial justice crisis, and […]

Climate Mandate Generation Banner

Averting Climate Change: Lessons from the New Deal

If you’re like most young people, 2020 has felt like a complete and unmitigated disaster. It’s been the year so […]

Sunrise Volunteer Cheering

We won’t let us down

We’re facing the scenario we planned for: an inevitable Biden win after local election officials count and tally every vote. […]

Sunrise activists demonstrate in front of Mitch McConnell's KY house, holding a large sign saying "Breonna Couldn't Sleep. Neither Should Mitch".

How Sunrise is giving 100-year-old tactics new life in the revolution

In the early dawn light of Juneteenth, a group of brave people stood outside Mitch McConnell’s house in Kentucky to […]