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Green New Deal for Communities

We will organize everyday people to bring the Green New Deal to cities and towns across the country and win bold climate policies that improve our lives. 

We’re bringing it home. We will win free public transportation. We will win more safe public housing. We will win good jobs for all. And we will stop the climate crisis. 

The only way we’ll get there is by building a movement of thousands of young people. We will invest in Black, brown and working class communities, knock on the doors of our neighbors, march in the streets and build an unstoppable groundswell of public support until it’s impossible for our politicians to ignore us. 

We will make our government not just listen to us, but follow our lead.

What Will This Look Like?

Across the country we’ll have hubs and chapters organizing for a Green New Deal, either by running multi-year campaigns (chapters) or by going through cycles of action to get the Green New Deal on the map (hubs). Below is a breakdown of what each will like:


Chapters will run multi-year campaigns to:

  • Win local Green New Deal policy
  • Organize young people from all walks of life – especially investing in the Black, brown and working class communities that have long held our country together, and have been overlooked by our politicians


Hubs will run shorter-term campaigns to:

  • Get their community on board with the vision behind the Green New Deal
  • Canvass their neighborhoods to bring people in
  • Organize institutions and politicians to sign Green New Deal Pledges

Join the Green New Deal Circles Program:

In 2023, we will bring the Green New Deal to our community all across the country. Fascists and fossil fuel billionaires will attempt to keep their power. Still, we will commit to the project of deeply organizing our communities and building the power we need to get a Green New Deal that serves our communities, our future, and the lives we deserve.

This sounds like a tall order, but it all starts with a 5-person circle. Join us for Green New Deal Circles to start organizing in your community!