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  • The Beginning of the End of the Fossil Fuel Era

    Today, we celebrate. We won one of the most significant verdicts on fossil fuels in US history. The Biden Administration has paused all liquified natural gas exports.   When I think about how far we have come in the climate movement it honestly makes me cry. The environmental justice movement was started by Black, brown, and…

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  • Climate Emergency Explained

    Climate Emergency EXPLAINED

    This is a climate emergency. It’s time politicians acted like it. The climate crisis is at our doorstep. Our country is burning in the west, flooding in the east, and baking in the south. Everywhere we look, disasters fueled by climate change are uprooting families and claiming thousands of lives.  When hurricanes strike, it’s Black,…

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  • Biden announces the American Climate Corps aka the Civilian Climate Corps

    The American Climate Corps EXPLAINED

    Every single young person should know the newly established American Climate Corps (ACC). It is not only proof of our generation’s power, but it is and will be the government of the future – by and for us. The American Climate Corps is a visionary new policy that will employ and train tens of thousands…

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  • Where We’re At and Where We’re Going

    When Sunrise started, we were terrified. California burned, floods covered the Midwest, scientists warned us that we needed transformative government action if we were going to survive. And our politicians had no plan to stop the climate crisis.  It’s fine, they said.  We refused to accept that answer. Instead, we set out to make climate…

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