We are on a mission to put everyday people in charge and force the government to work for us. Sunrise has helped elect hundreds of Green New Deal champions at all levels of government, gotten thousands of politicians to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, and mobilized our generation to make climate a top issue in our elections.

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2020 Climate Mandate

Sunrise Movement and our allies campaigned aggressively from the start of the Democratic primary to force climate into the conversation. While we endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders in the crowded primary, other candidates, including Biden, heeded our call, releasing more and more aggressive climate plans. 23 of 25 candidates endorsed a Green New Deal, and after on the ground pressure from Sunrise on holding a climate debate, CNN subsequently held a climate town hall in June 2020, with every major Democratic candidate in attendance. 

Sunrise helped ensure that climate would be a winning issue for Biden by deploying money, volunteers, and resources to have a major impact on youth turnout – including contacting more than 4 million potential voters on Biden’s behalf across eight swing states ahead of the general election. Sunrise not only powered Biden to victory, but also helped elect a slate of climate champions, including Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, and Ed Markey. In 2020 we contacted over 6.5 million voters in the primaries and general election creating the largest youth turnout in history. We gave Joe Biden a Climate Mandate.

State and Local Elections

Winning a bold and ambitious Green New Deal that doesn’t leave people behind will require us winning elections at every level of government. Sunrise hubs around the country have already elected hundreds of GND champions to local and state office to make this possible. From city halls to county commissioners to state legislatures we now have real leaders in office fighting for us.

Green New Deal Champions

Since 2018, Sunrise has propelled progressive, Green New Deal champions to the halls of Congress. Our movement, along with strong allies, elected the first members of the Squad  by organizing our communities – making thousands of calls and mobilizing young people across the country to fight for candidates who backed our vision. Despite an increase in opposition spending and misinformation, we’ve broken through the noise and won. 

Using millions of dials and texts to voters, pledge to vote campaigns, and strategic political planning with campaigns, we have proven that running on the Green New Deal wins races up and down the ballot

Our movement is proud to not only elect progressives, but to use elections as a tool to build our movement. Every time we organize for an election, we also invest in our hubs, empower leaders to organize their communities, and bring hundreds of new people into our movement.