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We need a climate debate.

For our entire lives, the media and political establishment have failed to cover the climate crisis like the emergency it is. This year we have an opportunity to change that.

Because tens of thousands of you raised your voices over the past 6 months, the climate crisis is a top issue in this election. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people and 16 of the leading candidates are calling for the Democrats to allow for a debate on climate change.

The climate crisis impacts everything from our health to our jobs to our homes, and it’s time for the DNC to step up and take it seriously. But, since they still aren’t listening to the millions of voices demanding a climate debate, we’ll just have to join together and get louder. Sign the petition to demand the DNC holds a climate debate.


A look back on the Road to a Green New Deal Tour

The #Road2GND tour stopped in 8 cities while hubs organized over 200 town halls across the country to bring the promise of a Green New Deal to every corner of the nation.

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 Green New Deal Resolution

Sunrise joined Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey to launch the Green New Deal resolution with 64 co-sponsors (watch video here). There are now 104 congresspeople and counting co-sponsoring the resolution. Read the resolution and contact your representatives to get them on board.


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