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Our Latest Calls to Action

Call on Biden: Declare a Climate Emergency – 1 MILLION SIGNATURE GOAL

Record-breaking temperatures intensified by the climate crisis ignited wildfires across Canada brought a thick haze of smoke over homes in the Northeast and Midwest. New York City looked like it’s on fire, kids were choking on dirty air, and people were being forced to call out of work or face potentially serious health threats by just stepping outside.

The signs are loud and clear: the climate crisis is here and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t demand change from those in power. Call on Biden to declare a Climate Emergency NOW. 👈

Sunrisers marching in DC holding banenr that reads Our Future is not Negotiable.

Welcome to Sunrise

We just won a Civilian Climate Corps! After three years of pressure on the Biden Administration from our movement, we finally won a Civilian Climate Corps — one of our biggest demands!

This win is proof that when we get organized, young people can win real things for our generation. More importantly, it’s proof that when we come together we can force people in power to listen to us. If we can win a Climate Corps — an idea that people once thought was too far-fetched — we can win a Green New Deal.

Join us for a 1 hour virtual call to learn more about what’s next!

Sunrise Hubs

Hubs do the most important work of the movement: growing participation, elevating the urgency of climate change and challenging to win political power. Explore the map below to find a local Sunrise hub near you.

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