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Generation on Fire

Sunrise Youth Activists Begin 266 Mile March in Support of the Civilian Climate Corps

PRESS CONTACT: [email protected] Young activists from Sonoma, Kern, and San Diego counties will come together to march 266 miles from […]

ICYMI: Ahead of Climate Summit, Sunrise Movement Warns Biden’s Emission Commitment Won’t Meet IPCC Report Directive

As today marks the first day of President Biden’s climate summit, Sunrise Movement Political Director, Evan Weber, released the following statement, calling […]

Sunrise Movement Celebrates Confirmation of Green New Deal Champion Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

Today, the Senate confirmed Rep. Deb Haaland of Laguna Pueblo to lead the Department of the Interior, marking the first […]

Sunrise Movement Responds to Senate Democrats Plan to Stall Infrastructure Package, Says Democrats are Tying Their Own Hands

In response to the news today that Senate Democrats are trying to slow down the infrastructure package, Ellen Sciales, Press Secretary of the Sunrise Movement, released the […]

PRO Act is a Core Pillar of the Green New Deal, Once Again We Demand Eliminating the Filibuster if it Cannot Pass

Today, in response to the House of Representatives passing the PRO Act, Ellen Sciales, Press Secretary of the Sunrise Movement, released the following statement: “The […]

Sunrise Movement Launches “Good Jobs for All” Campaign, Demands Biden and Congress Avoid Obama Year Failures, Mobilize $10 Trillion Federal Recovery to Create 15 Million Jobs and Stop Climate Crisis

Tonight, the Sunrise Movement, joined by Representative Ayanna Pressley and President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO Sara Nelson, launched their “Good Jobs for All” campaign, […]

$15 Min Wage Removal from Reconciliation Process, Demands Democrats “Do Everything in their Power to Deliver”

Following the Parliamentarian’s ruling to remove the $15 minimum wage from the reconciliation process, Evan Weber, Political Director of the Sunrise […]

Sunrise Dallas

Young Texans to March at Texas State Capitol Urging Government to Pass a Green New Deal and Invest in Green Infrastructure

On Monday, leaders from the Sunrise Movement in Texas will show up for a rally at the Texas state capitol […]

Sunrise Movement Leader Facing Climate Crisis in Texas, Calls for Governor Abbott’s Resignation and to Pass a Green New Deal

As of last night, the climate crisis induced a polar vortex that killed 29 people so far, and has left […]

Sunrise Movement Statement on Trump Acquittal: Warns if Dems Don’t Abolish the Filibuster, Future Presidents Days will Celebrate a Second Term Trump

Following the acquittal of Donald Trump, Sunrise Movement’s Political Director, Evan Weber, released the following statement: “On January 6th, Donald […]