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Young Texans to March at Texas State Capitol Urging Government to Pass a Green New Deal and Invest in Green Infrastructure

Sunrise Dallas

On Monday, leaders from the Sunrise Movement in Texas will show up for a rally at the Texas state capitol to demand politicians step up for Texans following the devastating climate disaster. They will be outlining a series of demands for the Biden administration and the Texas state government.

WHAT: A rally at the Texas state capitol in response to the failed prevention and response to the climate crisis in Texas.

WHERE: Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, south side of Capitol

WHEN: Monday, February 22nd at 11am

WHO: Sunrise Movement Texas and local activists

The demands are as follows:

  1. Direct, Immediate Relief to Texans: Texans shouldn’t have to suffer and incur costs as they recover through this climate crisis — utility bills must be cancelled, direct cash assistance of at least $2000/month must be provided, there must be a rent freeze, and there must be specific support for our most marginalized community members, including immigrants and incarcerated individuals.
  2. 100% Renewable, Resilient Energy System: A weatherized, interconnected, public, well-regulated power system would have prevented this crisis. As we rebuild, we can put Texans and Americans to work stopping the climate crisis that caused this, make our state and country more resilient to future disasters, and create millions of good union jobs in the process of transforming these necessary structures.  
  3. Joe Biden must come to Texas and make the case for a bold transformation to a green economy. Where Texas’ GOP leaders have failed us, the President of the United States has an opportunity to lead. He must come to Texas and help the suffering, and use this moment to make the case for urgent action on the climate crisis and building the resilient power system of the future.
  4. The resignation of Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz. Governor Abbott and Senator Cruz have neglected their duty as public servants in the midst of this humanitarian crisis and must step down immediately. They are unfit to serve.

“Texas is the perfect example of what happens when our politicians cater to fossil fuel executives instead of the young people who have been shouting from the rooftops for years, warning of an impending climate emergency like this,” said Chante Davis, a 17-year old Sunrise Movement leader and Houston resident, whose family moved to Texas following Hurricane Katrina. “I’ve survived three once in a lifetime storms in my 17 years of life. We need change, and the Green New Deal is the obvious, urgent solution. As our communities come together to fill the void of our government, our leaders must invest in us to provide jobs that directly address the crises we face.”

In response to the storm, the Sunrise Movement has been working with its local Texas hubs to provide relief and mutual aid to families in need on the ground, and our local hubs in Texas have raised tens of thousands of dollars alongside our national movement to support these efforts and make up for the government’s failures. 

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