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$15 Min Wage Removal from Reconciliation Process, Demands Democrats “Do Everything in their Power to Deliver”

Sunrise Movement

Following the Parliamentarian’s ruling to remove the $15 minimum wage from the reconciliation process, Evan Weber, Political Director of the Sunrise Movement, released the following statement:

“The statements by the Biden Administration that they will not overturn the parliamentarian’s cruel decision — which Vice President Harris and Senate Leadership have the power to do — is deeply troubling. Working people in this country, labor unions, and activists have been putting their jobs and lives on the line, striking, organizing, and fighting tirelessly for a $15 minimum wage and union. We are glad to see House Leadership commit to keeping the $15 min wage in their bill. Now, we need the Biden administration and Senate Democrats to join them in this fight, which is not over, and do everything in their power — overrule the parliamentarian, fire them, abolish the filibuster — to ensure that no less than a $15 minimum wage becomes the law of the land.

“Most Americans do not give a shit about and have never heard of the “Byrd rule.” What will happen next if the parliamentarian rules a 100% Clean Energy Standard — another key Biden promise — is in violation of the arbitrary Byrd rule? Will the President, Vice President, and Senate Leadership buckle then? And the laws of the atmosphere and physics — that are telling us we are in a full-blown climate emergency — are certainly not going to give a shit about the made-up laws of the Senate. 

“From inequality to the climate crisis, our country and its people are in a state of emergency and in desperate need of action. Where is the urgency from our supposed leaders?”

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