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Movement Updates

Yellow paper texttured background on a graphic with big grey text in the middle reading "The Moment We're In". Int eh top left there is a sunrise movement logo.

The moment we’re in

The moment we’re in It’s brutal out here. Every day we wake up to another horrifying headline: another mass shooting, […]

Grey background with transparent question marks. int eh center in white is the wirds "Why did we decide to frontload?" witha. white sunrise logo on the left

So… why did we embark on the process to frontload?

WordbankFrontloading: Frontloading is the process of designing a Movement’s underlying DNA — it’s story, structure, strategy and culture.  Right now, […]

Yellow overlay over a photo of a protest. In big greay text "General Movement Update May 2022" with a gray sunrise logo on the left

Sunrise General Movement Update: May 2022

There’s always so much happening in our movement. That’s why we held April’s Movement Leaders x All Hands call on […]

Sunrise General Movement Update: April 2022

WOW–it’s been a minute since our last Movement Leaders x All Hands Call and we’ve missed you! Sunrise has undergone […]

Sunrise Binghamption Victory Squad Cup Winner

Sunrise Binghamton Wins the First Victory Squad Cup

The Victory Squad came together early this year to send Jessica Cisneros to her upcoming runoff on May 24th against […]

Letter to the Movement: Reflections on the Year. The State of Build Back Better.

Letter to the Movement: Reflections on the Year

To the Movement: If you had told me five years ago that I’d be working on a campaign to get […]

Sunrise General Update January 2022

Sunrise General Movement Update: January 2022

2022 is going to be a BIG year for Sunrise and our quest to usher in the era of the […]

"A meteor isn't coming but climate change is." (Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence)

Don’t Look Up: A true story about climate change

Don’t Look Up is a parable about the climate crisis, a mirror held up to the modern moment. Look past […]

Sunrise Logo - General Movement Update December 2021

Sunrise General Movement Update: December 2021

On Tuesday, December 7th, Sunrise held its December + End of Year Movement x All Hands Call, a monthly rhythm […]

We are here to rebuild the south and the image of all our people and that is with liberation in the forefront.

Sunrise x SONG: Interview with Robert-John Hinojosa

On November 23, 2021, Nakia Stephens, Sunrise Social Media Lead, joined Southerners on New Ground (SONG) Campaign Lead, Robert-John Hinojosa, […]