Trainings and calls

Sunrise has a variety of trainings available for people to learn, grow, share skills, and unify the movement. There are lots of opportunities coming up for people of all levels of experience — check them out!


Sunrise 101

Are you excited about Sunrise and want to learn more about the movement? Come to our 3-part online orientation series to learn our strategy, structure, story and principles so that you are fully equipped to take leadership in Sunrise wherever you are. We ask that everyone attend Sunrise 101 if they are actively involved in a hub, holding a role, or just interested! No need if you have attended an in-person orientation training.

**Please understand by registering you are committing to attend all three sessions.

Upcoming series

West Coast Tuesday Special  (or for night owls)



Training for Trainers (T4T)

On Feb. 22-24th, we’ll hold our third Training for Trainers (T4T) in Philadelphia to train the next cohort of Sunrise trainers. In order to attend, you have to be able to commit to leading 2-3 weekend-long trainings in your region over the following 6 months.

Do you want to hone your presentation and facilitation skills? Do you want to bring crucial trainings back to your campus, town, city or state, so you can get your hub off the ground, upgrade and develop engaged leaders, and build strong local community? If so, please apply to our upcoming T4T so you can get trained to train hundreds more Sunrisers! We believe it’s important that the people in the front of the room at trainings reflect the movement we want to build. We will prioritize people of color, young people, and people with other historically marginalized identities to attend this training.

The application window for this training has closed.

For any questions, reach out to


Hub Coordinators Training

We want to thank all of you who took the leap of faith to start a Sunrise hub in your area and started the hard work of building our movement to make a Green New Deal common sense in the United States. On March 15th-17th we will host a training to invest in the skills of our current hub coordinating teams. We will offer more skills to help hub coordinators develop their ability to build hubs, facilitate meetings, plan campaign strategy, dive deeper into how our culture translates to hubs, and further develop their understanding of our political analysis.

 This training aims to reach anyone interested in or currently taking on leadership in their hub — not only those with the "Hub Coordinator" title. Please circulate this application to other members of the hub that might be interested in strengthening their organizing tools. One of the purposes of this training is to provide access to training and leadership development resources for those who haven't had support around building or refining their organizing skills yet. Because people from marginalized racial backgrounds or lower economic backgrounds traditionally have had less access to these development resources, Sunrise wants to ensure that diversity is central to our training outreach.

 Application Requirements

  1. Have attended Sunrise 101 Online Orientation Training or an in person orientation training.

  2. Can commit to giving about 4 hours a week for hub coordination until the summer and/or can commit to not stepping back from role until appropriately apprenticing a new hub coordinator.

  3. Under ~35 years old. (If you are older and want to attend this training, please consider reading these guidelines for the elders and "young at heart" in our movement.)

 Application Deadline: Friday 2/15 11:59pm local time

For any questions, reach out to


Sunrise Leadership Trainings

Weekend-long Sunrise leadership trainings are being planned across the country. Confirmed trainings will be posted as they are confirmed with registration info. These trainings will help hubs and regions scale up leadership and carry out local Green New Deal campaigns. To attend, participants must have completed Sunrise 101 or attended an in-person orientation training. Email to request a leadership training or an orientation training for your hub. You must be able to recruit 25 people to receive in-person training support.


New Hubs Orientation Call

Interested in starting a hub in your community but don’t know where to start? Join our New Hubs Orientation Call and we’ll walk you through the resources out there to help you build a mighty hub! Email Nicole at with any questions.

Feb. 20, 7 pm EST: Join the call here!

March 13, 8-9 pm EST: check again for a call link in the future!


coaching office hours

Have any questions about your hub’s strategy, Sunrise’s February escalation plan, or where to find resources and materials for your organizing on-the-ground? Eventually, your hub will get paired with a personal Hub Coach. In the meantime, bring your questions to Coaching Office Hours! Hop-on at whatever time you wish and hop-off once your questions get answered (or stick around and hear what other hub coordinators around the country are up to!).

Feb. 14, 4-6 pm EST: Join the call here!

Feb. 21, 5-7 pm EST: Check back here for a call link in the future!