Movement updates

2022 Electoral Impact

Sunrise Movement

Despite two years of mass disillusionment and alienation, Sunrise and young people across the country delivered a shocking rebuke to conventional wisdom on Election Day 2022. Our work as a youth climate movement directly resulted in our generation being the largest voting bloc for the Democratic Party. 

Sunrise contacted over 3 million voters, primarily under the age of 35, in an effort to win primaries for Green New Deal champions in the House and keep the Democratic majority in the Senate. We launched a massive phone and text campaign across dozens of primaries, including in successful races of Summer Lee (PA-12) and Greg Casar (TX-35). Additionally, in the general election, we mobilized thousands of young people to volunteer with us to organize college campuses, knock on doors, make calls, and send texts to voters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in an effort to elect Mandela Barnes, John Fetterman, and Summer Lee, among others.  

In addition, our local, volunteer-led hubs organized and mobilized voters from Arizona to Maryland, Oregon to New York in order to win elections up and down the ballot.

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