Green New Deal

Sunrise joined Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey to launch the Green New Deal resolution with 64 co-sponsors (watch video here).

There are now 100 co-sponsors and rising. Make your reps the next to join.



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In 2018, young Sunrise leaders put the Green New Deal on the map and permanently changed the conversation on climate policy in this country. The political establishment is scrambling to keep up with thousands of people across the country who are eager to take action and bring the promise of the Green New Deal into reality. The Koch Brothers are desperately trying to erode the incredible, bipartisan support that poll after poll shows for the Green New Deal.

That’s why we’re launching Road to the Green New Deal, 9 massive tour stops and over 100 town halls all across America.  

Write a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor are about 150 words and are one of the most-read sections of the paper. Write in and share your enthusiasm and support for the only plan that has been introduced that tackles the problem at the scale that science demands.

Supporting groups

Check out the growing coalition of supporting groups and add your organization to the list below.