• Green New Deal for Schools

    The Green New Deal for Schools will radically transform our school system to face the climate crisis and make sure all students have the right to a safe and good education – no matter their zip code or the color of their skin.

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  • Green New Deal for Communities

    It’s time for a Green New Deal for our communities. Door by door, neighborhood by neighborhood, we will take over our cities and towns to put everyday people in charge and win the homes we deserve.

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  • Black and Latiné Constituencies

    We need a Green New Deal that invests in our communities – that repairs the harm that’s been done through centuries of pollution, extraction, and slavery.

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  • Electoral Organizing

    Sunrise has helped elect hundreds of Green New Deal champions at all levels of government, gotten thousands of politicians to sign the no fossil fuel money pledge, and mobilized our generation to make climate a top issue in our elections.

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