Volunteer with Sunrise

Sunrise is a volunteer-powered movement. We've found that when we openly ask for the help we need, people are willing to offer whatever they can. We update this list regularly.

Email wishlist@sunrisemovement.org if you can meet any of the needs here. Thank you!

Volunteer Tasks - No Experience Required

  • Electoral Organizing Fellows. Live in a Sunrise Movement House and work full-time learning the skills of electoral organizing and community organizing, while helping elect leaders in key districts who are standing up to fossil fuel billionaires. Positions open January 2018 - November 2018, with some flexibility for positions of varying lengths. Email stephen@sunrisemovement.org for interest and check out this full description.
  • Political Research Team. Research candidates, connect with partner organizations, and help select which electoral races Sunrise works in for 2018.
  • Grant Researchers. Research grant opportunities with the fundraising team.
  • Major Donors Coordinator. Find, track, engage, and build personal relationships with individuals who will or have invested in the growth and success of Sunrise.
  • Data team. Send emails, sort and analyze data. No experience required, but detail oriented people are major keys.
  • Website team. Update our website and help us make it easily navigable.
  • Social Media. Post to our Sunrise Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter to keep our followers in the loop and fired up about Sunrise.

Volunteer Tasks - Experience Required

  • Grant Writers. Write grant applications to fund the movement with the fundraising team.

  • Video Editor. Help make electric movement videos that highlight Sunrise events and people across the country.

  • IT wizard. We need someone to maximize the potential of our Action Network database. Having well-kept data will be essential to us swinging elections in 2018.

  • Web design wizard. Make updates to our website to keep it looking clean and easily navigable.
  • Other. You have skills we haven’t even dreamed of yet! You know you do. Bring ‘em to the movement.