Volunteer with Sunrise

Sunrise is a volunteer-powered movement. We've found that when we openly ask for the help we need, people are willing to offer whatever they can. We update this list regularly.

Email wishlist@sunrisemovement.org if you can meet any of the needs here. Thank you!

Volunteer Tasks - No Experience Required

  • Electoral Organizing Fellows: Live in a Sunrise Movement House and work full-time learning the skills of electoral organizing and community organizing, while helping elect leaders in key districts who are standing up to fossil fuel billionaires. Positions open January 2018 - November 2018, with some flexibility for positions of varying lengths. Email stephen@sunrisemovement.org for interest and check out this full description.
  • Political Research Team: research candidates, connect with partner organizations, and help select which electoral races Sunrise works in for 2018.
  • Booking Team. Call people across the country to set up critical in-person events where our Sunrise Speakers can connect with thousands of new people.
  • Social Media. Post to our Sunrise Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter to keep our followers in the loop and fired up about Sunrise.
  • Online team. Update our website, send emails, and help more Sunrisers take action with us. Detail oriented people are major keys.

Volunteer Tasks - Experience Required

  • Video Editor. Help make electric movement videos that highlight Sunrise events and people across the country.

  • IT wizard. We need someone to maximize the potential of our Action Network database. Having well-kept data will be essential to us swinging elections in 2018.

  • Web design wizard. We have a good website, but we need a great one! Can you upgrade our website, either in Squarespace or Wordpress?
  • Other. You have skills we haven’t even dreamed of yet! You know you do. Bring ‘em to the movement.

Donation Items

  • Houses, guest rooms, and other living spaces for May - November 2018. We need to house 300 young people who will be working full-time on the midterm election. Space anywhere in the country is very welcome; we have particular need in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, and New York.
  • Cars. We’re training Sunrise volunteers to go on speaking tours of high schools, universities and youth groups. Cars take us where we need to go. Get in touch and we’ll figure out whether it makes sense for you to donate/loan the car to our organization, or to an individual Sunrise member.
  • Frequent flyer miles. We drive whenever possible, but we need to fly sometimes to grow the movement. Your miles make it happen!
  • Other. Got something we’d like? Let us know.