Hey hey 🙂 And welcome to Sunrise! 

First, we want to celebrate you for stepping into this movement and joining the ranks of hundreds and thousands of young people committing to building a mass youth movement to stop the climate crisis and win a Green New Deal.

To finalize your membership complete either of the options below, on becoming a dues paying member or filling out the dues waiver…


    And once you complete that, here are the next few things you can do to get more plugged into the movement: 

    • Join New Member Orientation: Join a Sunrise Online New Member orientation, where we’ll dive into who Sunrise is, what we’re fighting for, and what it means to be a member 
    • Save the Portal: Join the Sunrise Portal, the one-stop shop for all things Sunrise 
    • Join a hub: Get plugged into the work and join a Sunrise hub near you 
    • As a member, you also get access to Sunrise trainings, programs, and resources, to membership swag, and to decision-making rights on National Campaigns, presidential endorsements, etc. (See member decision-making rights in the DNA packet here) Hubs have additional, including decision-making rights on hub campaigns, etc.