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Stand Up for Change

How to Take Action with Sunrise

Take Action

Start with reaching out to your local Sunrise Hub to learn about what is going on in your community and how you can make a difference. It might take some time to hear back from your local hub so in the meantime attend a welcome call on Tuesday and sign up for a phonebank!

1. Attend a Welcome Call

Learn more about Sunrise, what we’re doing, and the different ways you can take action with us.

2. Join a Sunrise Hub Near You

Reach out to a local Sunrise hub near you to see how you can get involved!

Don’t see a hub near you? Or want to start a new GND organizing group? Check out our Green New Deal Circles program>>

Three activists laying on the grass together.

3. Join the GND Circles Program

There are thousands of us in hubs and chapters across the country already doing the work, popularizing the Green New Deal, and building community across race and class. Join us. You can get started in your community, TODAY, by signing up for Green New Deal Circles, our new hub incubator program.

Check Out Your Local Sunrise Events

Older than 35? Curious about your place in a youth movement?

People who don’t identify as youth are still invited to show up and be active members of Sunrise. We know that everyone has something to lose to the climate crisis and everything to gain by stopping it. Check out our guide for adult and elder allies. Thank you!

Can you make a donation?

Can you make a donation today to help us fight for a Green New Deal and win? We rely on thousands of grassroots donors to power our online and in-person organizing. We can only do this together.