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Our Success By the Numbers

Sunrise Movement Election Impact

In 2022 we contacted over 3 million voters, contributing to the 2nd highest youth turnout in a midterm in the last 30 years. Young people once again saved the Democratic Party. Now they must deliver for us.

Elect People’s Champions

Our national electoral operation contacted over 3 million voters in 2022 through phone calls, texting, digital, and on the ground canvassing.

We built a “Get Out the Vote” tool that reached over 700,000 voters across 15 priority states via social media ad campaigns.

Our Wins

Victory: Summer Lee in PA-12
Victory: Greg Casar in TX-35

In 2022, young people proved that if Democrats deliver popular, progressive policy, our generation will reward them at the voting booth. The youth vote was critical in defending our democracy this cycle, and if Democrats want to continue to defy political gravity, they must invest more resources in young people.

The results of our effort secured Democratic control of the Senate, won three critical races in Pennsylvania, defended every member of the Squad, elected two new progressives to Congress, and turned young voters out in 15 key states – leading to the 2nd highest youth turnout in a midterm in the last 30 years.

In addition, our local, volunteer-led hubs organized and mobilized voters from Arizona to Maryland, Oregon to New York in order to win elections up and down the ballot.

Our Impact


In Pennsylvania, we contacted over 417,000 young, working class, first-time voters in an effort to elect Summer Lee and John Fetterman. In an operation that has been organizing on the ground in Pennsylvania for over a year, Sunrise staff and volunteers led a massive youth GOTV effort, knocking on over 7,000 doors in the final weekend with partnering groups.


In Wisconsin, we made 114,605 dials and sent 442,032 texts to get working class voters and previously unregistered young people out to the polls for Mandela Barnes. We had over one thousand in-person conversations on all major University of Wisconsin campuses across the state, recruiting hundreds of volunteers, and collecting thousands of pledge to vote cards from students.

Digital in 15 Priority States

In order to inform young people how and where to vote, we built a digital “Get Out the Vote” tool: FuckingVotePlease.com. This tool allowed thousands of young people to make a plan to vote, pledge to vote, and receive crucial election updates and reminders. 
We also ran a successful ad program, which by Election Day, reached more than 700,000 young voters across 15 priority states, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Our social ad campaigns totaled over 2 million impressions.

Our Favorite Headlines

Can You Donate to Help Sunrise Win a Green New Deal?

Young people have spoken in record breaking numbers and chosen leaders who will heed our mandates for justice—including aggressive action on the climate crisis. 

Now, we need to continue holding the government accountable and push them to win a Green New Deal. Can you make a monthly donation today?