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Waking Up Politicians Across The Country

We Are Wide Awake

A Sunrise activist speaks into a megaphone while fellow protesters stand in front of Mitch McConnell's KY house holding a large sign saying "Breonna Couldn't Sleep. Neither Should Mitch".


Because it works.

Believe it or not, these tactics are over a century old, inspired by the Wide Awakes, a pro-abolition mass youth movement in the 1860s (right before the Civil War) who turned anti-abolition representatives’ lives into waking nightmares by banging pots and pans outside their windows.

These young people grew up in a world as similarly fraught and polarized as our own. We were born into crisis, inheriting a failing world. We tried signing petitions. We tried calling and visiting government offices. Through it all, most politicians ignored us. Now, we’re taking actions they cannot ignore. Our generation is done asking nicely.

We are Wide Awake. And we will ensure that the architects of this death economy will be too.

When they do nothing to stop federal agents from snatching us off the streets, when they force us to go back to school in unsafe conditions, when they do nothing to stop our democracy from crumbling, we will shout and sing at their doors from dusk until dawn and make them hear us.

The original Wide Awakes were relentless. And they saw results. In the next half decade, Abraham Lincoln was elected, slavery was abolished, and the visionary Reconstruction began in the South.

Like our predecessors, we will demand the future we need, not the future our political leaders think they can negotiate for. Our generation will fight for true abolition and complete the unfinished work of the Reconstruction.

And on election day November 3rd, any politician who isn’t with us will be replaced.



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Next Steps

We will reach out in the near future with next steps. Here are some ways to get started in the meantime:

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