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Upgrade Your Skills

Sunrise School

Join us at Sunrise School: an online community to build the skills and power we need to confront the crises we face.

Whether you’re brand new to the movement and wanna take your first steps to get involved, or you’re an experienced Sunrise hub leader looking to upgrade your skills for your next action, you’ve come to the right place!

At Sunrise School, we’ll give you the skills, resources, and support you need to take action and become a leader in our movement. Check out the trainings below and sign up to get started!


Sunrise Orientation Training: Our Plan to Win

In order to win a Green New Deal for a just and livable future, we need to be in sharp alignment on our vision and our plan to win. The Sunrise Movement Orientation Training is for every Sunriser, whether you’ve been in the game for a minute or are just joining us. If you haven’t attended an orientation training yet, or need a refresher for the current moment, you’ll learn: 

  • What we’re fighting for and how we’ll win 
  • What it means to shift public opinion
  • Our role (personal and movement wide) in fighting for collective liberation
  • How we push public support through moral protest
A Sunrise activist speaks into a megaphone while fellow protesters stand behind holding signs saying "No Justice No Sleep" and "Look Us In The Eyes".
© Michael Clevenger/ Courier Journal

Action Skill Trainings

When we get loud, leaders listen. Join our weekly action trainings to get the skills and tools you need to plan and carry out powerful actions that will capture the public’s attention. Choose between topics including:

  • Action Planning 101
  • Action Art: How to make powerful signs, banners, photos, and more
  • Amplifying your action through press and social media
  • Speaking and telling stories to hype a crowd

Electoral Organizing Trainings: How to Elect GND Champions

This fall, we’re facing the most important election of our lives. If we mobilize, together we can defeat Donald Trump and the forces behind him, and bring in a new wave of leaders who will fight for our generation’s future. If you’re ready to help elect Green New Deal champions, join these weekly workshops where you can learn how to:

  • Get out the vote in swing states
  • Lead phone banks
  • Organize to elect incredible local candidates where you live
Defund the Police Crash Course graphic with someone speaking into a megaphone while others holding and making signs saying "Defund the Police", "Care Not Cages" and "End Money Bail".

Defund the Police: 2-day Crash Course

Join Sunrise Movement, Mijente, Southerners on New Ground, Dream Defenders, AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus, and Critical Resistance as we deepen our understanding of abolition and learn how to turn the mandate to “Defund the Police” into tangible action in our communities! By the end of this 2-day crash course, you will:

  • Understand what exactly the demand “Defund the Police” means
  • Envision what a world without police could look like
  • Get ready to take action to defund police in your community

New courses are coming soon! Sign up to be notified when registrations are live:

Next Steps

We will reach out in the near future with next steps. Here are some ways to get started in the meantime:

1. Checkout some of our events.

2. Follow us on Social Media.

3. Attend our open meeting.