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Black and Latiné Constituencies

For decades, our communities have been ignored – by politicians, by the wealthy who profit off our backs, and even by the environmental movement. While things go on as usual, our people are the ones who still suffer the most – from extreme weather, to shitty housing, to jobs that suck the life out of us. And we are the ones forced to rebuild our homes and lives again and again after each crisis and every “once in a lifetime” storm hits. 

That stops now.

We are building a movement where people like us, Black and Latine young people, can feel at home. A place where we can harness our power in the fight for our lives. We know that no change will come unless we come together and organize for the vision of the world we believe is possible. 

We’ve done it before. We’ve broken chains, fought for our right to be part of the democratic process, and have followed our dreams, whether we were born here or became a part of the American fabric somewhere along the way. 

Our communities are powerful. We are the ancestors of giants and changemakers, and will build on their legacies. We know what we need, we will organize with our people, and we will be the difference in the fight for a Green New Deal that works for all of us.

NEW: GND Futures Organizing Leadership Program

Green New Dade Futures Organizing Leadership Program?

The GND Futures Organizing Leadership Program will coach and empower a cohort of 12 driven fellows based in Miami, FL,

June through November of 2023,

Develop and apply core organizing skills, for 20 hours a week. Build community power and relationships with movement elders, community leaders, culture bearers, all while base building, and hosting community events, and expanding community knowledge and vision for a Green New Dade!!


A Young Black and/or Latine young person between the ages of 18 to 35 based in Miami, FL interested in:
– Joining a national youth climate movement dedicated to building people power and political power to address core crises in our society around climate, inequality, and racism.
– Developing their skills as an organizer, to build power within their communities to win Green New Deal legislation
– Searching for a community of Black and Latiné folks in the climate and environmental justice space
– Committing to full participation in the program