June 2018

  • It’s our 1st birthday!

    At our Training for Trainers in Pennsylvania this past February. It’s our 1st birthday! It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, a small group of us launched what we hoped would become an unstoppable, youth-driven movement that could stand up to fossil fuel billionaires and protect the people and places we love from climate…

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  • Why we’re fighting for migrant justice

    Why we’re fighting for migrant justice This past week, we’ve watched, angry and heartbroken, as more and more images, videos, and recordings flood in of the cruel separation of families at the border and the internment of children in chain-link detention cells. We’ve watched as members of the Trump Administration reach new lows, defending their inhumane…

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  • Sunrise Semester Bootcamp: Days 5–7

    Preparing to take action! In the words of one of our fellows, Gabriel: “This past week took me through a rollercoaster of emotions: hearing other people’s stories of what they love and could lose to climate change had me on the verge of tears; learning about the ways in which fossil fuel billionaires have endangered us…

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  • Sunrise Semester Bootcamp: Days 2–4

    From our Instagram (@sunrisemvmt) Sunrise Semester Bootcamp: Days 2–4 Day 2 The sun began to warm up the campgrounds on Day 2 of Sunrise Semester bootcamp, and we got right into digging into the big picture. On Day 1, we learned that fossil fuel executives and corrupt politicians have been blocking progress on climate action for…

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  • Sunrise Semester Bootcamp: Day 1!

    Sunrise Semester Bootcamp: Day 1! On Saturday June 3rd, young Americans from all walks of life arrived from across the country to Camp Galil in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. They came from near and far — from the mountains plains and coasts. For the next week, these 70 fellows and 10 trainers will be living and learning together…and preparing to…

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