We Proudly Endorse Nina Turner


Sunrise Endorses Nina Turner for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District

Senator Turner is a huge ally to our movement and is making the Green New Deal a crucial part of her campaign. Sunrise first worked with Nina Turner when she became President and the public face of Our Revolution in 2016. In 2019, we partnered with Nina when she joined the Bernie Sanders campaign as a co-chair. And she joined us in advocating for a climate debate after Sunriser’s protested outside the DNC in support of one! Senator Turner’s voice in Congress would make a world of difference in a range of issues including the GND, Medicare4All, Housing as a Human Right, a living wage, Education Reform, Foreign Policy, and racial, economic, and environmental justice. That’s why we are putting our full support behind her in this crucial race for an open seat.

Nina is running for Congress on a progressive platform focused on environmental, racial, and economic justice. She’ll put the Green New Deal front and center right alongside Medicare For All, a living wage for all workers, and housing as a human right — not a commodity.

Election day is August 3rd and we’re getting straight to work alongside our hubs in Ohio! Help out today!