We Proudly Endorse Erica Smith

Sunrise Movement proudly endorses Erica Smith for North Carolina’s 1st; image of Erica Smith

Sunrise endorses Erica Smith for North Carolina’s 1st

Erica Smith is an unbelievable leader defying the establishment narrative that candidates can’t run on a Green New Deal in rural counties. Erica was elected in rural North Carolina when Trump was on the ballot, and is garnering so much energy in rural North Carolina by running on a Green New Deal, a Rural New Deal to connect bold climate action to her own community, and even our favorite – a Civilian Climate Corps.

Erica Smith is a candidate with a future vision for what rural communities deserve – one that recognizes that we can have a just transition to renewable energy that will stop toxic corporations and offers a solution to rural communities for the long term. She will put frontline communities first and make sure the vision of the Green New Deal is driven by underrepresented communities like her own.

“While serving in the state senate, I saw my district get hit hard by storms and floods that took lives. It’s also one of the most economically distressed districts in the state, with high unemployment rates and generational poverty. There is an economic crisis in this country and there is a climate crisis in this world and with the Green New Deal we can take on both of them. By investing in a sustainable future we can further build on our place as second in the country in solar energy capacity and we can energize our coastal economy with offshore wind farms! We will combat climate change by creating millions of new jobs and building the energy system of the future.”

Erica Smith