We Proudly Endorse Charles Booker

KY Senate
Sunrise Movement proudly endorses Charles Booker for Kentucky Senate. Primary win! Next Date: Nov. 8, 2022

Sunrise endorses Charles Booker for Kentucky Senate

Charles is running for U.S. Senate to deliver a big, bold Kentucky New Deal for every Kentuckian from the hood to the holler. For his entire career, Charles has fought to make Kentucky a more just and fair state for all of its residents. 

Charles is a true fighter for the working class and his approach to policy-making in the Kentucky State Senate has been informed by his own struggle. As a state legislator, he passed bipartisan legislation that provides emergency life saving medication to those who need it regardless of income status. In 2019, Charles wrote the policy that forms the basis upon which voting rights were restored to more than 170,000 Kentuckians by Executive Order. 

Charles’ plan for a Kentucky New Deal focuses on making an investment into the state and eliminating the conditions that put Kentuckians into situations where they’re out of work and without health care. His full campaign platform includes support for a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Canceling of Student Loan Debts, and more. 

In 2020, Sunrise Movement was one of the very first organizations to endorse Charles’ campaign for Senate. We proudly let the world know that a Green New Deal champion was running in Kentucky and made over 700,000 calls for Charles until primary day. This year, we hope to help put him into the general election and then into office so Kentuckians can finally have real leadership in the Senate.