Climate Emergency Flyering


The climate crisis is at our doorstep. When fires burn, neighborhoods flood, and hurricanes strike, it’s Black, brown, and working-class homes that are hit the worst and the last to be taken care of. 
But instead of investing in our communities, Biden is funding a genocide. It’s time we force Biden to call for a ceasefire and declare a Climate Emergency.


Sunrise Principle #1 We grow our power through organizing our communities. We bring our neighbors, families, classmates, community leaders, and thousands of unorganized young people into our movement. Building a mass movement of ordinary people across race and class is the only way we transform society.

Sunrisers in communities all across the country will be sharing our demands with others and inviting them to join us by putting up artwork in places where lots of people will see. Simply print out these flyers, invite some friends to join you, hang the flyers up in public areas where you have permission, and talk to people about why we must force Biden to declare a Climate Emergency.


  1. Reach out to a friend(s) and ask them to join you! You could send them this video of Laela as she was arrested outside of Biden’s campaign HQ to let them know what we’re about! 
  2. Print out these flyers! 
    1. If you can, we recommend getting 11×17 inch flyers printed in color at a local print shop, the larger size + bold colors will make them more impactful. If you are printing at home, we also have an 8.5 x 11 version of the design, as well as black and white versions in both sizes. 
    2. If you don’t have access to a printer most libraries will let you print for free and UPS will let you print for a small fee. 
    3. There are three flyer designs. We recommend printing several of each and hanging them up in various places. You can put them up individually or put all 3 side by side! 
  3. Get clear packing tape or a stapler to hang your flyers.
  4. Hang up the flyers on allowed telephone poles, community boards at school or in coffee shops, wherever people will see them! Remember, the goal is to get people to understand the urgency of the crisis and the need for a Climate Emergency Declaration. 
  5. Talk to people! Bring a clipboard, a pen and print out these Climate Emergency petitions and ask them to add their name to the 48k people who are calling on Biden to act.
    1. As Marshall Ganz says “joining the movement is an opportunity, not a chore. Don’t be apologetic!” We are helping people to seize the power we all hold to fight back against the injustice we are all facing. 
  6. Post to social media! As you’re putting up flyers, take a selfie of you and the flyer or record a video talking about why you feel it’s important to do this work. Post on social media and tag @sunrisemvmt so we can repost! Or share with [email protected]   

For questions reach out to [email protected]

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