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Green New Deal für Gemeinden

It’s time for a Green New Deal for our communities. Door by door, neighborhood by neighborhood, we will take over our cities and towns to put everyday people in charge and win the world we deserve.

We are taking over cities and towns across the country.

The climate crisis is already affecting our daily lives – from flooding our homes to increasing asthma to driving up food prices, we’re feeling the costs. And we know it’s only going to get worse – unless we force our local government to act on climate and build out the social safety net we need. We’re running local campaigns across the country – from creating free public transit to building safe, green public housing to decarbonizing our cities. 

Bought out politicians might be happy to sit idly by, but we won’t let them. We will knock on the doors of our neighbors, march in the streets and build an unstoppable groundswell of public support until it’s impossible for our politicians to ignore us.  

Our local organizing will spark national change. We will confront the fossil fuel billionaires and extremists who are trying to bargain away our futures, inspire other young people to take action, and when the time is right, unite our campaigns across the country to win federal legislation. 

We’re building the power to make our government not just listen to us, but follow our lead.

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