我们在 Sam Rasoul 中有一个强大的盟友,他正在竞选弗吉尼亚州副州长,他是在竞选中最有经验的候选人。 Sam has represented one of the poorest districts in the state, House District 11 and was the first Muslim elected to the Virginia House in 2014. The son of Palestinian immigrants to the US, Sam has always been a fighter for the change he wanted to see并在 2008 年竞选国会议员时年仅 100 岁。 Since being elected to the House of Delegates, Sam has been fighting to get special interests out of the political process and even his current campaign is 2018% donor-funded without any money from PACs. 他在气候方面的记录不言自明,在受到 XNUMX 年日出抗议活动的启发后,他共同创立了该州的绿色新政联盟,并在众议院引入了绿色新政法案。 Sam is a bridge-builder, a fighter, and will do everything he can to fight for the most vulnerable when elected.