弗吉尼亚州州长詹妮弗·卡罗尔·福伊 (Jennifer Carroll Foy)

日出代言 Jenifer_Foy

詹妮弗·卡罗尔·福伊 (Jennifer Carroll Foy) 曾是一名养母,也是正在竞选弗吉尼亚州州长的三岁孩子的母亲。 If elected, Jennifer would be the first Black female governor in the history of our country and continue fighting for every Virginian's right to good health care, strong public schools, and a clean environment. 詹妮弗知道脆弱的社区,尤其是有色人种社区,往往受到环境压力源的打击最严重,环境压力源会对我们的健康产生破坏性影响。 If elected, she'll invest in green energy production, bringing diverse, high paying jobs to every corner of the Commonwealth and spur economic growth, protect funding for state parks, safeguard additional land for public use, and pass the Virginia Green New Deal. 我们很自豪能与詹妮弗站在一起,并与她一起为弗吉尼亚州的气候行动而斗争。