MN-05 的伊尔汗·奥马尔

伊尔汗奥马尔的照片和文字:日出运动自豪地为 MN-05 支持伊尔汗奥马尔

作为绿色新政最直言不讳的支持者之一,伊尔汗奥马尔在国会度过了她的第一个任期。 First elected in 2018, Representative Omar has been putting forward legislation on guaranteeing housing as a human right while building new and affordable homes, ensure college for all and eliminate student debt, and fighting against a bailout of the fossil fuel industry in the wake of COVID -19. 伊尔汗的连任将保证众议院有一位持续的进步领袖和绿色新政的拥护者。

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