Bring four friends with you to the speaking tour. get a free Sunrise shirt.

Double win.


The Road to a Green New Deal Tour is more fun with friends! That’s why we want to give you a free Sunrise t-shirt if you bring four of your friends along to Tour with you!

How to enter:

  • Ask your friends to come to the Road to the Green New Deal Tour with you! Reach out over text, direct message, email — whatever works.

  • Let your friends know to write your full name under ‘Name of friend who referred you’ when they’re reserving their ticket.

  • Remind your friends on the day of Tour with a quick text or DM! Make plans for how you’ll get there together — no one likes to show up alone.

  • We’ll have a list of all the people who brought more than four friends along on the night of the tour stop — so come on over to the merch table at the end of the night, tell us your name, and you’ll have your very own Sunrise shirt to represent the movement wherever you go!

It’s that easy! Get inviting!