Climate Legacy Time Capsule

Day of Dedication: November 18, 2017

On November 18, 2017, we dedicated climate legacy time capsules at state capitols across the United States.

The time capsule reminds us that history will remember our choices at this critical moment. In dedicating the time capsule, we also dedicate ourselves to work for a better tomorrow. By recording history, we can change it.

What goes in the time capsule?

  • Things we love and are fighting to protect
  • Letters to the future - what did we do in our time?

Leading up to November 18, our outreach focused on three groups that need to do more:

PEOPLE - We all have a responsibility to face the climate crisis. Yes, it’s scary. But we have to talk about it to have a chance to avert catastrophe. We are gathering letters and objects to spur honest conversations and commit to action. Our goal is to collect 2,500 time capsule submissions from around the country.

POLITICIANS - With Big Oil running Washington, we need full-throated climate leadership from our state politicians. They can uphold the Paris agreement by committing our states to 100% renewable energy and no fossil fuel development. Every politician who makes this commitment is invited to submit to the time capsule and remembered as champions of the people. Those who don’t will be remembered for their cowardice.


PRESS - The media practically refuse to talk about climate change. It’s now or never. We’ll invite them to cover this story of our communities standing up to prevent disaster. If they don’t, we will leave a record of their inaction in the time capsule as well.

History is being made. How will we be remembered?

Climate change is the story of the 21st century - and 2017 is a critical chapter. Washington has fallen into the hands of Big Oil’s lobbyists, lawyers and executives, all of them dead-set on profiting from pollution. Following their advice, Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement. While the rest of world is rallying to stop climate change, the United States stands alone in opposition.

This is a moment of reckoning for all Americans. We must decide who we are. Will we STAND ASIDE as Trump and Co. lead us down the path to disaster? Or will we STAND UP for the billions of people threatened by climate change?