Sunrise Semester 2018

Make 2018 count.

Sunrise is building towards a massive youth intervention in the 2018 midterm elections we’re calling Sunrise Semester - and we want you to be a part of it.

This summer, we've got 70 young people taking a break from their ordinary lives to defend life itself by serving as full-time volunteer organizing fellows between June and the election in November. You can still join them this Fall to make change in our political system.

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What is Sunrise Semester?

You will fan out to one of five politically significant states - Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, New York, and Minnesota - where you’ll coordinate the efforts of thousands of our existing members and help bring in new recruits to the youth army.

You’ll work from the following mandate: creatively expose the corrupting role of Big Oil on our elections, challenge candidates to refuse donations from fossil fuel executives, and endorse and campaign for candidates with a conscience and a spine, from the local to the statewide and federal levels.

If you’ve ever thought of dropping it all — taking a gap year, taking a semester off from college, quitting your job — this is the moment.

There are two three-month terms of the program: June - August, and September - November. You're welcome to apply to the Fall term, September - November. Applications for the first term have closed.

Our country is living through a dark hour. It’s up to us to make the sun rise. If you are ready to make this commitment, the movement will support you. You will receive a cost-of-living stipend to cover basic expense so that Sunrise Semester is accessible to young Americans of all walks of life ready to make a difference in this time of need. You will have the option of living with other participants in the program.

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Got questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions here on the application.