start a hub

Everyone has a role to play in Sunrise. The very first step to plug in is to attend one of Sunrise's online welcome trainings. These calls happen every one to two weeks. Sign up here.

The most important role you can play right now is establishing a Sunrise hub where you live. It's super simple.

  1. If you’re by yourself, find 1 friend to team up with you.

  2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to collect 25 names on the petition to your governor to uphold the Paris Accord. Start with the people around you -- your family, friends, neighbors, and classmates. Send a picture of your 25 names, your name, phone number, and location to  We’ll send you some sweet stickers and patches, and put you on our national map of hubs. Congrats! You're official.

  3. Now that you have 25 contacts, you should be able to recruit some of them to help plan the next thing. There are plenty of options, including taking action in your community and joining us in national days of protest.

Check out our movement principles for more information.