sponsor a millennial to fight for you in 2018


Your sponsorship supports a millennial to organize full-time to make climate change matter in the 2018 election. We are giving our time, but we need your help to pay basic living expenses.

For $4,800, you can sponsor a millennial for the full 6-month fellowship. Or, sponsor 1 to 5 months, in increments of $800 / month.

Your sponsorship money will go directly towards essential expenses:

  • Housing + Utilities: $450

  • Food: $150

  • Campaign Materials: $75

  • Personal Expenses: $100

  • Program Coordination: $125

Sponsors are invited to develop a mentorship relationship with a sponsored fellow (optional). You are welcome to meet with your sponsee every 2 weeks for the duration of your sponsorship.

With your support, here's what one fellow accomplishes each week:

  • 3 days knocking on doors and making phone-calls to support climate champions

    • 96 voters engaged per volunteer per week

    • 15 new voters registered per volunteer per week

  • 1 day challenging candidates from both parties to reject donations from the fossil fuel companies who are burning the planet and corrupting our politics

  • 1 day of shared study, political education, and service learning to prepare for a lifetime of standing up for our country and shared home