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Congress: Bring it Home

September 20th: National Day of Action

On September 20th, we’re taking to the streets to challenge Congress to deliver on bold climate policy.

In 2020, young people organized in historic numbers to take back Congress and elect Joe Biden on a bold climate mandate. We did our jobs. In 2021, it’s time for Congress to do theirs. This fall, they have the opportunity to demonstrate their power to improve people’s lives by passing a robust climate centered infrastructure package that includes a Civilian Climate Corps and bold investments towards public housing, schools, transit and renewable energy – a historic piece of legislation that will kick off the Decade of the Green New Deal.

We Demand

A fully funded Civilian Climate Corps and bold investment in public housing, schools, transit and renewable energy.

Take Action With Your Local Hub

We’ll gather at Members of Congress offices, or at their homes, to make sure they hear our demands loud and clear. We will hold rallies and marches, take non-violent direct action and give our elected officials a wake up call. People power put Joe Biden in the White House and gave Democrats the edge in Congress. And now, people power is going to force our elected officials to make the change we need.

Find A Local Action and Join In!

Can’t Make the Action in Person? Join Our National Virtual Action + Watch Party on Monday, September 20th!

Join our NATIONWIDE VIRTUAL SPACE to make calls to demand Congress Bring it Home and catch the premiere of the Generation on Fire short film.