candidate scorecard framework 4.png

Sunrise Movement has developed a methodology to evaluate and score the top presidential candidates on their commitment to fight for the equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future promised by the vision of the Green New Deal. The next President must take a leading role in transforming our economy to stop the climate crisis and undo the last four decades of policies that have shifted power and wealth away from working people and into the hands of a greedy few. 

Unique from other scorecards, we evaluate candidates not just on their policy positions — their Green New Deal vision — but also on their commitment to making a Green New Deal job #1, how much they are campaigning on it and making the case for it to the American people, and the viability of their political strategy to make their policy vision a reality. 

We’ll be releasing our scoring of the top Presidential candidates on a rolling basis throughout the Fall of 2019, and may periodically make updates and improvements to the framework, including expanding the “How Much They Talk About It” section to include evaluation of other medium beyond Twitter (e.g. statements, media appearances, other social media, etc.).

Should Sunrise Movement make an endorsement in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary, this scorecard will serve as a resource to inform and educate its members who will be determining our endorsement.