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Movement Programs & Support Offerings

Welcome to the Movement Programs & Support Offerings page! We’re just starting to build this page out. Eventually, you’ll find Sunrise’s full suite of national programs & support offerings here. For now, you’ll find information on how to sign up for two core organizing programs we’re launching this March.

HEART Program

(Hubs Emerging to Act, Recruit, Train) – Deadline 3/4

Who’s it for?

Newer Hubs or Hubs are still in the early stages of building. We are looking for leaders to apply who are in hubs that have struggled with direction; have not yet pulled off a full Act Recruit Train cycle, and have never participated in a campaign before — but want support and training to do so!

Program Description:

This spring, Sunrise is supporting hundreds of hubs with coaching and trainings to build power in our communities and take action together for good jobs for all. Apply with three other hub leaders and you’ll join a Summit on March 14th, then attend two weeks of skills based training. Half of your hub cohort will learn how to be trainers, and the other half will get skilled up in action planning. After the trainings, you’ll meet weekly with a coach and we’ll all take action together in April before Earth Day. Right after you ACT, your hub will be ready to RECRUIT and TRAIN by hosting an orientation training. And right that, you’ll refine your skills further by acting, recruiting, and training again! Are you ready to skill up your hub leaders, expand your base, and popularize the Green New Deal in your community through moral protest?

Program Timeline & Commitment:

This program will require a commitment of 3-5 hours a week from the start of the program (the week of March 14th) until the end of June, plus two weeks of intensive training March 14th – 28th. 

Sign Up by Thursday, March 4th!

  • Start by reading this Program Overview to get a full sense of the program.
  • Find 3 other leaders of your Hub to commit to participating with you!  (It’s required each participating Hub sign up with 4 leaders total).
  • Have each interested hub member fill out an application by Thursday, March 4th!


Reach out to Audrey Lin ([email protected]) or Luis Marchese ([email protected]).

Green New Deal With It

Campaign Squad – Deadline 3/4

Who is this program for?

Anyone ready to hold a leadership role in a hub and lead a multi-month campaign in their community. We’re making a green job guarantee the common sense in every community in the country. 

We’re especially hoping to coach and train leaders in hubs that:

  • Are majority BIPOC or working class – or hubs that are leading on building a multi-racial, cross-class youth movement
  • Are ready to influence key federal decision makers to win a Green Jobs Guarantee in 2021 
  • Are already organizing to win key federal and state races in 2022

Program Description:

Joe Biden is president, we have a narrow majority in the House, and Senate. Thanks to a movement and our organizing, Congressional leadership has promised to pass historic COVID relief and put climate action at the forefront or their governing agenda.

But our people need checks, safe and dignified work, and a chance at a future without deadly fires, power cuts, poisoned air and endless storms. WE NEED GOOD GREEN JOBS FOR ALL

Join a cohort of other Sunrise leaders across the country in a training and coaching program to win a Good Job for every American in the first 100 days of this administration. Together we will experiment and support each other to develop campaigns in our communities that build local power, popularize a Jobs guarantee in every community, and contribute to our collective fight for a Green Recovery. 

Program Timeline & Commitment:

The program will run from mid-March to mid-June.

The commitment includes:

  • Attending a Launch Training for about 6 hours/day (12 hours total) the weekend of March 13th-14th
  • 1.5 hours / week of trainings 
  • 1-2 hours / week of direct coaching and/or meetings with a member of the Movement Support Team and your coaching cohort. 
  • Other time developing strategy and organizing in your hub (your regular meetings, etc)

Sign Up by Monday, March 1st!

  • Find 3 other leaders of your Hub to commit to participating with you!  (It’s required each participating Hub sign up with 4 leaders total).
  • Have each interested hub member fill out an application by Monday, March 1st!


Reach out to Betsy Ericksen at [email protected].