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? Portal Overhaul / Redesign Alert ?

The Programs & Support Offerings page on the Movement Leaders Portal is designed to be a one-stop-shop for movement members to learn about and sign up for Sunrise programs and support offerings.

We are currently in the process of updating the design and content of the Portal to better meet the needs of Sunrise 2.0 and our new movement DNA (story, structure, strategy & culture).

This version of the Portal will be INCONSISTENTLY UPDATED and may contain some OUTDATED INFORMATION between now and October 2022. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding! We look forward to including movement members in the design of the new Portal. If you have ideas and would like to be involved in this process please email [email protected].

Movement Support Infrastructure

This section lays out the systems and offerings we have to provide funds & in-kind resources to hubs and to movement coordination & communications.

Hub Funding

What: Each hub can apply for up to $3k in funding, four times per year, through the Hub Materials Project. That money can be spent on supplies, transportation, tech, trainers, mutual aid projects, food for meetings, space rental, PPE, swag, and more. Hubs should always have all the resources they need!

Another featured offering for hubs and volunteers is the Principle 6 Volunteer Support Program, where poor/working class volunteers can apply for up to $800 per month in direct financial support. 

Sunrise offers more movement finance offerings beyond the Hub Materials Project and Principle 6, like Climate Disaster Relief Grants for example. More details on these offerings can be found on the Movement Resources Dashboard. 

Sign Up: Click here to join the Hub Finance System and apply for a hub debit card.


  • DM Mark Scrimenti (Movement Finance Manager) on the national slack or email [email protected] for general Hub Finance questions.
  • Contact Vianni Ledesma (on slack or email [email protected]) for hub compliance related questions.

Tech & Data Offerings for Hubs

What: Sunrise offers a host of digital tools that can help your hub gather data, digitally organize and communicate more effectively. Detailed information on all these offerings can be found the Data & Digital Tools section of the Hub Resources Directory.

Core Offerings: Find detailed info on each tool below here.

  • Google Suite – For hub email accounts, calendars, list-servs, drive (for doc creation and storage) and more!
  • Zoom – If you don’t have access, Sunrise and provide you with a Zoom account for online meetings.
  • Rev Captioning for Zoom Meetings – Improve accessibility for your online meetings with automated closed captions.
  • Slack – We can support your Hub to set up a Slack workspace for coordination and communication at the hub level.
  • Hub Sign Up Form – A digital (and integrated) way to have new members sign up for your hub.
  • Hub Member & Power Tracker – An easy tool to help you keep track of your hub members’ contact info, role and engagement history
  • Hub Website – Custom Sunrise themed websites for your hub.
  • HubHub + National Map – A tool to help Sunrise national keep track of your Hub so we can better support you and list your hub on our website.
  • Link Creator – Create sunrise branded short-links for digital forms/pages.
  • Mass Texting – Did you know that our national texting team will send texts for your hub? Just fill out this form to get started.
  • Mobilize – is a powerful events hosting platform that enables you to collect contact info for RSVPs, automates event reminders, puts your event on Sunrise’s national Map, and more!
  • EveryAction – Our massively powerful database with cool organizing tools built in. Highly recommended for bigger, more established hubs!

Sign Up:

  • Digital Tools Request Form – Use this form to request for your Hub to be set-up on the digital tools offered above.
  • Data Leads Network – This is a space for people leading on Data work in Hubs and provides a slack channel, monthly calls, trainings and coaching. Contact Jasmine (info below) for more info and to join.

Contact & Support:

Movement Infrastructure

What: The core baseline resources and infrastructure to help our movement communicate and organize.

Key Structures:

  • Movement Leaders Portal – The Movement Leaders Portal (pw: GND) the movement’s one-stop-shop to get key information and support resources to organize. 
  • Hub Resources Directory – As a key section of the Movement Leaders Portal, the Hub Resources Directory is the movement’s one stop shop for all of Sunrise’s written resources/recorded trainings in organizing.  
  • HubHub – An app to update your hub’s map and leader information. It’s really important to keep this info up-to-date. Please do so at least monthly.

Contact: Questions, feedback or ideas? DM Dejah Powell on the national slack or email ([email protected])

Movement Communication Rhythms

What: Baseline communication rhythms (calls & written updates) coordinated by Sunrise National designed to keep our movement connected, aligned, strategic and in community.

Key Rhythms:  Below you’ll find a few examples of key rhythms.  

  • Calls: (Note: These call rhythms are on pause until October 2022)
    • Movement x AllHands Calls – Monthly calls co-led by staff and movement leaders to share key info, celebrate wins, build relationships and engage in strategic movement conversations.
    • Other Calls: In addition to this primary rhythm, we offer a variety of one-off calls to meet the needs of a given moment, SunSlam storytelling + culture building calls, Money & the Movement Calls every quarter, and more!
  • Written:
    • The Sunbeam – Weekly National Email Newsletter for the Movement. Sign up here.

Contact: Questions, feedback or ideas?  DM Dejah Powell on the national slack or email [email protected]