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Welcome! This page lays out all the current programs & support structures we have for movement leaders and hubs so you can easily sign-up and plug into structures most helpful for you!  

(Last updated 7/28/21)

Primary Organizing Support Structures

The second half of 2021 is a period of transition for Sunrise. Sunrise was originally designed for a different era & political moment.
We’ve grown and learned a lot over the last 4 years. We are embarking on a process called “Frontloading” over the course of 2021 where
we are working to update the strategy, structure, story and culture of our Movement. During this time, we are holding off on developing
complex new programs and support structures until we have more clarity through the Frontloading process of what/how we want to build next.

Zoom Phonebank Image

Movement Onboarding

Who’s it for? – People who are brand new to Sunrise and have just joined our email/phone list, as well as people in the movement who are now ready/interested in joining or starting hubs.

What: In movement onboarding, we grow Sunrise’s people power. In particular, we work to bring more young BIPOC and working class people into Sunrise. Dozens of young people all across the country express interest in joining the movement on a daily basis. In movement onboarding, we are responsible for orienting them to Sunrise (i.e. Welcome to Sunrise! calls), supporting them to take action (i.e. Rays, phonebanks, virtual days of action), and helping them find their home in the movement (i.e. hub finder, hub text bot, new hub coaching). This includes supporting folks who want to start hubs through the “New Hub Journey.”

Movement Onboarding includes a few staff and three incredible volunteer teams: Welcome Team, Rays Facilitation Team, and New Hubs Team that make it all happen!

Sign Up: Click here to attend a Movement Welcome Call, take distributed action, or to join a hub. Click here to join the Rays (our online community of weekly actions/trainings you can participate in from anywhere). Click here to start a hub.

Contact: Paul Campion (Movement Onboarding Manager) – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Organizing Training Series

Who’s it for? – All Sunrise Hubs & Leaders

What: For the rest of the summer, we’re keeping up the pressure on the government to pass a Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) and take bold climate action. To support hubs in their organizing, we’re offering a recurring and one-off trainings relevant for this moment.

Detailed Info: Get complete info on all trainings, including guidance on who should sign up for each training, when trainings are offered and more in this trainings guide for Hub Leaders.

Core Offerings:

Supplemental / Advanced Offerings:

Contact: Lauren Black (Training Series Manager) – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Troubleshooting Coaching Sessions

Who’s it for? – Any hub who needs support/guidance from a trained organizing coach.

What: If you need support with getting involved in the campaign, actions you’re planning, or anything else going on in your hub, sign up for a 1:1 troubleshooting session. You’ll be paired with a trained coach for customized coaching sessions to help you breakthrough your organizing challenges.

Sign Up: Click here to sign up! Once you sign up you will:

  • Be set up with a coach to work with you on your problem in 5-7 business days. Sessions are set up at a time that works for you and your schedule.
  • Have one hour to talk through the problem and think through solutions with your coach
  • Receive follow up for 2 weeks after the session to make sure you are getting the support you need. (NOTE: If you need more specific support, your coach will work to connect you with someone closer to the solution.

Contact: Quinn Bishop (Coaching Manager) – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Regional Organizer Program Update

In January 2020, Sunrise created a Regional Organizing structure, where we divided Sunrise’s hubs into 4 separate regions (shown above), with 1-4 staff-based “Regional Organizers” assigned to support each region.

We are temporarily suspending this Regional Organizer model to evaluate it and decide (alongside movement leaders) whether it makes sense to be the core organizing support structure in the future, or whether we can build something even better to meet our movement’s needs.

There are several factors that have informed this decision:

  • We realized the the current Regional Organizer model wasn’t working well for Staff or Hubs.  Regional Organizers were not set up for success in trying to meet the complex needs of 20+ hubs per organizer.  Regional Organizers were stretched too thin, and Hubs were frustrated by the level of support/engagement they could receive from their Regional Organizer.  We also underestimated the amount of management capacity and coordination it would take to support a staff team this large.
  • We are in a moment of transition at Sunrise, as we work with the Frontloading Team to overhaul our movement’s DNA (story, structure, strategy & culture) to incorporate the learnings for the past 4 years and design a movement better suited to our current political context.  A better implemented, clarified and resourced Regional Organizing model may make sense in the future, but there are many other possibilities that could be more effective that we want ot explore alongside movement leaders.  We want to be very confident and aligned before building out another structure at this scale and complexity, so we can build something to last.

In this interim period, our hope is that the organizing supports presented on this page can meet the baseline support needs of our movement, and over the next 6 months, we’re excited to align on something better!

Contact: If you have questions, thoughts, ideas or feedback around this feel free to reach out to Brian Stilwell via the National Slack or email at [email protected].

Movement Support Infrastructure

This section lays out the systems and offerings we have to provide funds & in-kind resources to hubs and to movement coordination & communications.

Hub Funding

What: Each hub can apply for up to $3k in funding, four times per year, through the Hub Materials Project. That money can be spent on supplies, transportation, tech, trainers, mutual aid projects, food for meetings, space rental, PPE, swag, and more. Hubs should always have all the resources they need!

Another featured offering for hubs and volunteers is the Principle 6 Volunteer Support Program, where poor/working class volunteers can apply for up to $800 per month in direct financial support. 

Sunrise offers more movement finance offerings beyond the Hub Materials Project and Principle 6, like Climate Disaster Relief Grants for example. More details on these offerings can be found on the Movement Resources Dashboard. 

Sign Up: Click here to join the Hub Finance System and apply for a hub debit card.


  • DM Mark Scrimenti (Movement Finance Manager) on the national slack or email [email protected] for general Hub Finance questions. Please add or cc Autumn Vogel to these convos ([email protected])
  • Contact Shannan Stafford (on slack or email [email protected]) for hub compliance related questions.

Tech & Data Offerings for Hubs

What: Sunrise offers a host of digital tools that can help your hub gather data, digitally organize and communicate more effectively. Detailed information on all these offerings can be found the Data & Digital Tools section of the Hub Resources Directory.

Core Offerings: Find detailed info on each tool below here.

  • Google Suite – For hub email accounts, calendars, list-servs, drive (for doc creation and storage) and more!
  • Zoom – If you don’t have access, Sunrise and provide you with a Zoom account for online meetings.
  • Rev Captioning for Zoom Meetings – Improve accessibility for your online meetings with automated closed captions.
  • Slack – We can support your Hub to set up a Slack workspace for coordination and communication at the hub level.
  • Hub Sign Up Form – A digital (and integrated) way to have new members sign up for your hub.
  • Hub Member & Power Tracker – An easy tool to help you keep track of your hub members’ contact info, role and engagement history
  • Hub Website – Custom Sunrise themed websites for your hub.
  • HubHub + National Map – A tool to help Sunrise national keep track of your Hub so we can better support you and list your hub on our website.
  • Link Creator – Create sunrise branded short-links for digital forms/pages.
  • Mass Texting – Did you know that our national texting team will send texts for your hub? Just fill out this form to get started.
  • Mobilize – is a powerful events hosting platform that enables you to collect contact info for RSVPs, automates event reminders, puts your event on Sunrise’s national Map, and more!
  • EveryAction – Our massively powerful database with cool organizing tools built in. Highly recommended for bigger, more established hubs!

Sign Up:

  • Digital Tools Request Form – Use this form to request for your Hub to be set-up on the digital tools offered above.
  • Data Leads Network – This is a space for people leading on Data work in Hubs and provides a slack channel, monthly calls, trainings and coaching. Contact Jasmine (info below) for more info and to join.

Contact & Support:

Movement Infrastructure

What: The core baseline resources and infrastructure to help our movement communicate and organize.

Key Structures:

  • Movement Leaders Portal – The Movement Leaders Portal (pw: GND) the movement’s one-stop-shop to get key information and support resources to organize. 
  • Hub Resources Directory – As a key section of the Movement Leaders Portal, the Hub Resources Directory is the movement’s one stop shop for all of Sunrise’s written resources/recorded trainings in organizing.  
  • HubHub – An app to update your hub’s map and leader information. It’s really important to keep this info up-to-date. Please do so at least monthly.

Contact: Questions, feedback or ideas? DM Gabbi Pierce (Movement Coordination Coordinator) on the national slack or email [email protected]

Movement Communication Rhythms

What: Baseline communication rhythms (calls & written updates) coordinated by Sunrise National designed to keep our movement connected, aligned, strategic and in community.

Key Rhythms:  Below you’ll find a few examples of key rhythms.  

  • Calls:
    • Movement x AllHands Calls – Monthly calls co-led by staff and movement leaders to share key info, celebrate wins, build relationships and engage in strategic movement conversations.
    • Connection Cafes – Monthly office hours type environment where key staff are available to answer questions and go deeper on relevant timely, conversations.
    • Other Calls: In addition to this primary rhythm, we offer a variety of one-off calls to meet the needs of a given moment, SunSlam storytelling + culture building calls, Money & the Movement Calls every quarter, and more!
  • Written:
    • The Sunbeam – Weekly National Email Newsletter for the Movement. Sign up here.
    • Transformation Process & Organizational Update – A weekly newsletter posted in the #General-Updates section of the national Slack every Friday.  Features updates on major organizational processes such as Frontloading, our ongoing JEAO work and more. Learn more and see past updates here.
    • Good Jobs for All Campaign Update – A weekly newsletter posted in the #General-Updates section of the national Slack every Friday. Feature the latest context and action opportunities related to our national campaign.

Contact: Questions, feedback or ideas?  DM Brian Stilwell (Deputy Movement Coordination Director) on the national slack or email [email protected] 

Specialized Programs & Support Structures

The support structures in this section are designed to provide hubs and hub leaders
with more specialized support around specific organizing needs.


Overview: The National Mobilizations team works with Sunrise programs and with Hubs directly to make sure they are skilled up and prepared to lead powerful, escalated actions.  

Get Support:

  • National Moments of Action – In general, you can count on the national mobilizations team to offer an Action Guide, Actions Training and 1:1 coaching to support hubs around national moments of action. 
  • #takingdirectaction – Join this national slack channel (moderated by the national mobilization’s team) for actions support
  • Hub Resources Directory Actions Page – Your one-stop-shop for action guides!

Contact: Roberto Juarez – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Climate Disaster Response

Overview: The national Mobilizations Team has set up a system of climate disaster response to help hubs prepare for and respond to climate disaster. Support offerings include coaching, material support, and amplification of work on the ground (details can be found on our Leading in a Climate Disaster Guide).

Get Support:

Contact: Roberto Juarez – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Local Trainings

Host Sunrise Trainings in your Hub: Sunrise has a suite of offerings and resources to help you host local trainings as part of your hub!

Contact: Sara Blazevic (Trainings Director) – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

Justice, Equity & Anti-Oppression (JEAO)

Overview: Our JEAO Support Programs are grounded in the reality that it is going to take significant organizing, capacity, and commitment to bring our movement to where we want it to be. 

The following program offerings are designed to help us collectively move toward liberation in our movement spaces.  For more information on JEAO work click here.

Get Support: Below are our current suite of offerings to support Hub Leaders around JEAO.  Click the corresponding link or DM the Program Coordinator to plug in or learn more!

Contact: Jesse Meisenhelter – DM on the national slack or email [email protected]

A postcard illustrating a multiracial group of people holding postcards saying "Vote", "Mobilize", "Lead".

Political & Partnerships

Overview: The national Political & Partnerships team provides trainings, coaching and communities of practice to support Hubs around this area of work.

Get Support – General:

Get Support – Partnerships:

  • #help-partnerships – Join this national slack channel (moderated by the national partnerships team) for partnerships support.
  • Partnerships Role Network – The Partnerships Network is a community of practice for hub leaders organizing in solidarity with other groups/movements and/or Sunrisers who want to develop their leadership around partnership development. To join, email Ben Finigan (contact info below).

Get Support – Political:

  • #help-political – Join this national slack channel (moderated by the national political team) for political support.


Visual Strategy & Action Art

Overview: The Action Art Network supports anyone who is holding an art role in actions by connecting them to resources and providing coaching.

Get Support:

Contact: Ad Naka – DM on National Slack or email [email protected]

Sunrise Job Guarantee


Overview: The Design Network seeks to connect every Sunrise design leader who holds a design role in a Hub to resources, community, support, and a clear strategy around how to use visual communication to build our movement!

Get Support:

  • #design_network – Join the Design Network’s  Slack channel to share resources, inspiration, graphics and receive feedback!
  • Design Network website (coming soon!) – a centralized place for the movement to access the Network offerings, Style Guide, graphic templates and more resources to effectively and easily decentralize our Sunrise brand!
  • Canva: If you’d like a free Canva Pro account email me or Slack me with the emails of the accounts you want added to the Sunrise team Canva account (contact info below).
  • Adobe: If you’d like free access to Adobe design software (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects) here are the instructions for how to sign up plus a video to walk you through the process.

Contact: Mariela Gandara – DM on the national Slack @Mariela or email me at [email protected]

Sunrisers rally for a Green New Deal


Overview: The Video Network is a scrappy film school within Sunrise that’s building the power we need to wage decentralized narrative battles and WIN. You do not need video experience to get involved. We provide all the training and tools necessary to start making powerful videos for your hub’s campaigns.

Get Support:

  • Get connected to a Sunrise editor if your hub needs video support
  • Learn how to film an upcoming action in one training session
  • Join the Video Network – Join our community for access to upcoming trainings, 1:1 support, and folders of resources.
  • Video Network wiki – Get instant access to recorded trainings, guides, and resources
  • Free software accounts for Video Network members, including Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Private Slack channel to share drafts (even the really rough ones) for feedback, celebration, and support

Contact: Allyson Woodard if you need an editor or would like to be plugged into the Video Network. DM on the National Slack or email [email protected]

Young Sunrise Movement organizer speaks to cameras in front of crowd holding Green New Deal Banners. Photo by Ken Schles 5684


Overview: Press can be a key way to get our core messages out to the public.

Get Support:

  • Press Support & Coaching – Sign up for coaching from our Press team for support on messaging, press strategy, creating a press release and more! Office hours are held every Friday afternoon.


Constituency Organizing Programs

Sunrise’s Constituency Organizing Programs support the organizing and development of leaders and hubs who hold particular identities.
Read more about the structure, approach and vision of our Constituency Organizing programs here.
and contact our Constituency Organizing Director, Naomi Hollard by DMing her on the national slack or emailing her at [email protected].

Somos Sunrise

Who’s it for? – Latine Sunrisers

What: We are a national constituent network of Latines recruiting and training Latines across the globe to become local community organizers. We aim to empower Latine youth through trainings, programs and mutual aid so they can take non-violent, direct action to stop the climate crisis and win good jobs for all. We invite Latine Sunrisers, whether completely new or a leader, to join our comunidad.

Sign Up & Contact: Make sure to follow @SomosSunrise on Instagram and reach out to Elle Magana at [email protected], or on slack, to get involved.

Rural Organizing Program

Who’s it for? – Rural Sunrisers

What: Rural America is home to millions of Americans who want a Green New Deal.  From Northern New England, Appalachia, the deep south and the mountain west, there are thousands of counties that will benefit from good jobs, better healthcare and dignity.  Over the past 2 months Rural coaches have supported rural hubs to take meaningful action in their communities. These actions helped the hubs base build and develop leaders. 

Over the next few months we will continue to offer coaching to rural hubs and engage with the frontloading team to content test Sunrise Movement 2.0 with our rural communities.

Sign Up & Contact: To get involved DM Dylan Carney (Program Manager) on the national slack or email him at [email protected]

Reclaim Summer: GND for Public Housing

Who’s it for? – Young Public Housing Tenants and Sunrisers in Miami, San Juan, New York , Los Angeles, and New Orleans

What: This summer, Movement School and Sunrise Movement are training cohorts of Sunrisers and Public Housing Tenants in cities across the country to harness their power and organize their communities for a Green New Deal For Public Housing! Cohorts meet 3 times  a week and receive trainings from Sunrise and Tenant Coaches while building out and launching an action arc to win a GND4PH!

Sign Up & Contact: To get involved DM Day Bradshaw (Program Manager) on the national slack or email her at [email protected]

Key Frameworks:
What programs are for you and your hub?

Ladder of Engagement:

A Ladder of Engagement  is an organizing framework used to describe the level of commitment and roles played by different people in a movement at a given time. The purpose is not to assign value to people on different levels of the ladder (i.e. the goal isn’t to move as many people to the “top leader” category as possible).  Movements need to have people at ALL rungs of the ladder of engagement to be successful, people often cycle between these rungs during their time organizing, and the number of people at each rung of the ladder usually goes down as the level of commitment (and sometimes skill) goes up.  You can read more about this framework here

People who have had some touch point or interest in the movement. Perhaps they attended an action, gave a donation, went to an online training. In the orbit of a hub or of the national movement. Could be “in the hub” but don’t have a role.

People who are committed to a structure: for us this is people in a hub who hold a role.

People who are taking responsibility for leading teams. Ideally, these are teams that are bringing more people into the movement by achieving campaign objectives.

People who develop and coach leaders who are supporting teams.

Hub Classification Framework:

Much like the Ladder of Engagement above, it’s also useful to have shared language to describe where Hubs are on their journey of development.  In the past we used the terms “forming”, “emerging” and “strong” as shorthands to describe a Hubs journey of development — but heading into 2021, we’re looking to update that framework and you can see our new draft below.  You can learn more here.