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Policy Priorities

If we are successful in our 4-year plan, these policy priorities will become the common sense for the people and for politicians of what is necessary to protect our health, home, future, and create millions of good jobs in the process. By the 2020 elections, these policy stances will be expected of all candidates who say they are serious about stopping climate change.

A transition to a 100% renewable energy economy that leaves no one behind. The CEOs who have deliberately misled the public about climate change have a responsibility to pay for climate damage and adaptation and to ensure that workers and communities benefit from the transition to a clean energy economy. We must rapidly transition to a 100% clean energy world in order to stop climate change. As we make this transition, we need to provide for the workers in the fossil fuel economy who will be displaced, address who will pay for the climate impacts that are locked in already, ensure that those least responsible for climate change will not bear its cost, and ensure that the benefits of clean energy — including the millions of new jobs — are equitably distributed. The same Americans who are disproportionately unemployed or underemployed — namely, low-income people, communities of color, the elderly and disabled, and young people — are the same Americans who are already bearing the brunt of climate havoc. There are so many Americans in need of good work, and there is so much good work to be done to stop climate change.

An immediate halt on all new fossil fuel projects. We must protect our communities from the fossil fuel pollution that drives climate change and harms our health. In order to make the necessary progress on climate change — and protect, air, land and local waterways — we must stop building the infrastructure that promotes growth in fossil fuel use. Every new pipeline, power plant, fossil fuel export terminal, and rig locks in additional climate pollution for decades and puts our communities at unnecessary risk of disaster.

An end to the bail-outs and a breaking-up of the large energy monopolies to transition to local, democratic control over our energy system. Freeing our political process from the corruption of the large energy monopolies will enable the rapid transition to a clean, affordable energy system. The political power of fossil fuel companies and utilities is a direct result of the economic power that they wield. Breaking up monopolies into smaller companies and stopping our government from bailing them out with endless subsidies is a necessary step towards making our energy system more democratic and accountable to local communities. When the people are given a choice over the energy that powers our lives, we choose the energy sources that don’t threaten our health, our communities, and our future.