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Tell your Senator: Pass the PRO Act

U.S. Workers Are Getting Not Getting A Fair Deal

While Amazon workers in Bessemer, AL didn’t get the votes they needed to unionize in the NLRB election, the fight for worker power and safe, sustaining jobs continues. Amazon’s heavy-handed and aggressive union busting campaign showed just how broken US labor laws are. Some of what they did was very likely illegal, but much of it was not — US labor law allows employers to make their employees miserable if they even hint at wanting to organize into a union.

Passing the PRO Act would change this.

The PRO Act would increase penalties for illegal intimidation, retaliation and other union-busting by companies like Amazon, while making it easier for more workers to form or join unions and repealing racist “right to work” laws. If Biden and Congress are serious about protecting workers’ rights and ensuring that everyone has access to a good, family-sustaining job, they’ll follow through on their promises and do everything in their power to pass the PRO Act immediately.

The PRO Act has passed the House. Tell your Senator: It’s time to do everything in your power to pass the PRO Act NOW.

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