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Sunrise School

Sunrise Orientation Training

Sunrise Movement Holding What is Your Plan Sign

Learn About Our Movement’s Plan to Win: Join an Orientation Training in Your Region

In order to win a Green New Deal for a just and livable future, we need to be in sharp alignment on our vision and our plan to win. The Sunrise Movement Orientation Training is for every Sunriser, whether you’ve been in the game for a minute or are just joining us. If you haven’t attended an orientation training yet, or need a refresher for the current moment, you’ll learn: 

  • What we’re fighting for and how we’ll win 
  • What it means to shift public opinion
  • Our role (personal and movement wide) in fighting for collective liberation
  • How we push public support through moral protest

Orientation Trainings are organized regionally to help you get connected with Sunrisers and hubs in your area! There are four regions: Northeast, South, Midwest and West. To see what region you’re in, check out the map to the right. Then sign up for your region’s next training!

Accessibility: We will have follow along notes and automated closed captioning.

Sign up to join the next session in your region:

Northeast: N/A

South: N/A

Midwest: N/A

West: Sundays from 1-6pm PT (with 1 hr break in the middle). Sign up!

We encourage you to join your region’s training to build local connections, but if the date and time for your region doesn’t work for you, you may attend another region’s training.