On November 13th, one week after the historic 2018 midterms, youth are uniting in Washington DC like never before to bring this message to Democratic leadership:

Take action to stop the climate crisis. Back a program to create Green Jobs for All, and put millions to work cleaning up our environment and climate. Protect the lives of all working people — black, brown, and white — from the ravages of pollution and disaster.


Our generation will no longer tolerate empty promises and words without action. The latest science from the United Nations tells us we have 12 years to take unprecedented levels of action to protect human civilization as we know it. But the past months have revealed that Democratic Party leaders have no intention of fighting for a real climate plan in the new Congress.  

The science is undisputed, we have the technology, and the public is overwhelmingly on the side of climate action -- the only thing standing in the way of a just future is the failure of political leadership.

Sign up now to join hundreds of other young people as we deliver our demands to the newly elected Congress.