Calling Musicians and Influencers

We know that music & culture is a powerful ingredient to social change.  This is an invitation for you to join the #NoFossilFuelMoney call this August.

Sunrise is building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We call ourselves Sunrise because we know this dark hour in America cannot last: A new day will rise.

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We need you now

We’re uniting for HEAT WEEK August 5-11th: a wave of action to turn up the heat on politicians to demand that they take the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge to reject campaign contributions from from fossil fuel executives & lobbyists, and instead stand up for our health, home, and future.

2018 must be the year that fossil fuel executives can no longer call the shots in Washington. 900 candidates have already taken our No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

That’s a powerful start, but we know we need get louder to make climate change and Big Oil’s stranglehold over our government top issues in the 2018 midterm elections. During HEAT WEEK, we’re putting our politicians on notice: stand up for our generation, or we’ll replace you with someone who will.

How you can join us

With the support from Jonny 5 of Flobots and Austin Badger, we wrote a song, “Does it weight on you?” for Sunrise groups to sing during Heat Week actions in different places.

Below are lyrics and a video recording of Sunrise members singing the song.

Lyrics: Does it Weigh on You?

Which side are you on now? 
Which side are you on? (x 4)
Storms Surge and fires burn
but you don’t hear the call
‘cause fossil fuels keep paying you
Does it weigh on you at all?
Does it weigh on you at all? (x 4)
When Exxon and the Koch brothers
came to pay you off
You took ___(400,000)___dollars
Does it weigh on you at all?

Does it weigh on you at all? (x 4)
Corporations raised you up
but we can make you fall
They picked a war with our generation
does it weigh on you at all?
Does it weigh on you at all? (x 4)

Which side are you on now? 
Which side are you on? (x 4) 


OUR ASK TO YOU: Share this song on your social mediA


1) During Heat Week, post a video singing the chorus: “Which side are you on now, which side are you on?” and your support for the young people taking action.

Sample posts:

  • Young people with Sunrise Movement are uniting for a week of action to turn up the heat on leaders to reject the influence of Big Oil and stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people and the places we call home. #NoFossilFuelMoney

  • I’m standing with the young people in Sunrise Movement calling on our leaders to take the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge to reject campaign contributions from coal, oil, and gas CEOs and lobbyists and instead act to protect our communities from climate change.

  • We’re asking candidates & elected officials, “which side are you on?” Are you with We the people or on the side Big Oil? Take the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge and commit to stand up for our home and future.

When you post, tag @sunrisemvmt and include a link to the Sunrise Heat Week sign-up page or tell people to  text  “SUNRISE to 72345,” to point young people to join our movement & take action during Heat Week.

Hashtags: #NoFossilFuelMoney, #VoteForOurFuture, #HeatWeek2018

When to share: post your version of the song August 5-11th during Sunrise Heat Week

If you’re feeling ambitious, you’re welcome to sing the full song, or to make your own version of the song and post it! For example, check out this remix by Flobots & Spirit of Grace choir.


2) Send us a quote and your picture!

A second quick way to support Sunrise and the #NoFossilFuelMoney demand: send an email to Varshini Prakash (Sunrise Communications Director, with a short quote & a preferred photo if you have one, and we’ll make a meme to post before Heat Week.

We will release graphics of influencers leading up to the week of action on our social media.

More on the Song

Singing tip

The chorus verses, “Does it weigh on you at all?” and “Which side are you on now? Which side are you on?” are meant to be layered, as is sung in the end of the video recording. But we encourage you to feel it out and sing this song in the style that is most fun to you.

Song history

“Which side are you on now? Which side are you on?”  was written by Florence Reece during the 1931 Harlan County Coal strikes. Florence was a poet and activist. Her husband was a union organizer. Florence wrote the song on a night when anti-union gunmen employed by the coal companies raided their home. She angrily ripped off the back page of a calendar and wrote down the words that would carry on in protests for generations.

“Which side are you on?” has been remixed by many social movements over many decades. This version was written by Austin Badger, Jonny 5 of Flobots, and Dyanna Jaye.