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it’s not about the headlines, but…we’re slaying the headline game.

it’s not about the headlines, but…we’re slaying the headline game.

Through most of 2018, the press barely covered climate change, and when they did, it was often to relate how Democrats did not have a plan.

We changed that on November 13th. Ever since we first occupied Nancy Pelosi’s office with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunrise and the Green New Deal have dominated the news, with over eight thousand (!) stories on our organizing.

We need 300 new monthly contributors by tomorrow at midnight to keep up our organizing and ensure that whenever Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi check the news, they see an uprising of young people demanding a Green New Deal.

Start your monthly donation today to help us keep the Green New Deal in the news throughout 2019.

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Here are some of my favorite stories from the past few months:

This graph of Google searches for “Green New Deal” shows how much buzz we’ve created:

Thanks to the courage of people like you, I can’t skim the internet without stumbling upon another beautiful photo of young people, backed by their moral conviction and the Sunrise shield, calling on their leaders to step up for a Green New Deal.

Will you begin your monthly donation today? (We’ll send all new monthly donors a Sunrise sticker to say thanks!)

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It’s going to take all of us to keep the pressure on so that the Green New Deal stays in the headlines through 2019. If we can do that, we can make it a top priority for any presidential candidate in 2020.

Varshini Prakash