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Movement Updates

It’s time to #ChangeTheDebate

On Monday night in DC, we closed out the Road to a Green New Deal tour with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders. 1500 people packed the Cramton Auditorium and thousands more tuned in via livestream.

We launched plans for the biggest mobilization in our movement’s history: Change the Debate. At the second Presidential debate on July 30th in Detroit, we will gather by the thousands to ask all the candidates: Do you have to courage to stand up to the oil and gas lobby and support a 10-year mobilization to transform our economy in line with what science says is necessary?

Join us in Detroit on July 30th to help change history.

Traveling the country on tour this last month as made clear how much potential our movement has right now. From California to Iowa to Kentucky I heard the same story: climate change is here, it’s destroying lives and livelihoods, and people are fired up to fight for the Green New Deal.

As the candidates develop their climate plans over the coming months, we have a window of opportunity to turn this enthusiasm into a clear mandate for the Presidential candidates.

On Monday we told all the candidates: you have until July 30th to decide whether you stand with our generation. We’ll hold a 24-hour vigil near the Detroit debate venue and invite candidates to our rally. But to get the invite, they need to do commit to three things:

✍ Sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge to cut their ties with the oil and gas lobby.

✔️ Commit to make the Green New Deal a day-one priority for their administration

???? Join us in calling for a debate focused specifically on climate change

But it only works if we show up in force in Detroit in July.

Sign up to #ChangeTheDebate this July.