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Movement Building 101

 Movement Building 101

Registration for this class is currently on pause as Sunrise School takes a break to revamp all our trainings. We’ll be back with all new and improved trainings in June!

Learn about the crises gripping our society and how to confront them, build community with others around you who are ready to make lasting social change, and practice the skills you need to win a Green New Deal.

You’ll go through this training in a small group of people from your area, taking meaningful action together and building power together where you live, all while still social distancing.

This training meets twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) for 3 weeks.

Sunrise is a youth-led, youth-centered movement where we’re focused primarily on organizing young people ~35 and younger. This training has limited space and therefore is closed to supporters over 35. However, if you are over 35 and would like to participate in Sunrise School, you can register for “Crash Course: Green New Deal & Coronavirus.” For more information, see our 35+ Supporter Guidelines.