On Monday 13 May at 7PM ET, the Road to the Green New Deal Tour will wrap up in Washington, DC at Howard University, with guest speakers including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders!

If you didn’t make it to one the tour stops around the country (or if you did, and you want to relive the hype) we’re giving you the chance to tune in, wherever you are, to a livestream of the DC event.

This event will launch our plans for the summer and beyond, including how we will build support for the Green New Deal among organizations and political candidates at every level, our plans for a mass mobilisation at the second Presidential debate in Detroit, and how will make the 2020 election a referendum on the Green New Deal.

The Road to the Green New Deal is more fun with friends. So invite your friends over to watch the tour stop with you!

Step 1: Register to receive the livestream link using the form below

Step 2: Make a Facebook event and/or send a message to your friends, inviting them to join you to watch:

Phil! Did you know Sunrise Movement are livestreaming the final stop of the Road to the Green New Deal Tour next Monday, and AOC will be there? It’s gonna be so good. I’m inviting a few people over to watch, starting 6:30pm ET in time for the stream to start at 7pm ET. Can you make it?

Step 3: Get your tech in order – figure out what screen you will use, how to connect your computer if you need to, what speakers you will use

Step 4: Get some snacks! Ask your friends to bring snacks! Everybody loves snacks. Also probably a good idea to clean your living room.

Step 5: On Monday 13th, send reminder texts to your friends, arrange a comfortable space, set up your tech and check your email for the livestream link — you’re ready to go!

During the livestream: Post on social media, y’all! Pics or it didn’t happen. Take group selfies and capture your hype with the #Road2GND hashtag.