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Help Us Create Bold Change

We Are a Grassroots Movement

Where your donation goes

Sunrise is a movement of young people fighting to stop climate change and create millions of jobs in the process. We have a plan to do it: By making climate an urgent priority in our communities, exposing the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and electing leaders who will stand up for us.

We are a grassroots movement. Your donation helps Sunrise win by funding essential materials, technology, and events. The best way you can help is by starting a monthly donation. This allows us to plan our budgets with more confidence, and sustain our movement long-term. We’re fundraising to Get Out The Vote! Will you start with $25/ month today?

Fundraising principles and financial transparency

As our movement organizes for a Green New Deal–and a federal government that reins in the massive wealth hoarded by millionaires and billionaires and instead invests in community resiliency and infrastructure–our fundraisers reckon with the shortcomings of philanthropy as we fund our transformative work and build our grassroots donor base.

We have set up legal entities, drawing on the legacy of social movement organizations from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in the 1960s to United We Dream today, in order to accept and spend the funds we raise. We acknowledge that these centralized organizations represent only a fraction of our entire movement. Read our set of principles that our fundraisers strive to embody as we raise money for the movement.

How each entity works

C3 – Support Our Growth

Sunrise Movement Education Fund (c3) is the entity that functions as a public charity. We put on educational trainings (e.g.: Sunrise School) and publicize nonpartisan electoral information (e.g.: developing candidate scorecards, disseminating nonpartisan GOTV guides).

C4 – Support Our Actions

Sunrise Movement (c4), the non-profit, promotes social justice ideals by organizing actions (e.g.: wide awake actions, sit-ins, digital campaigns) and by distributing information (e.g.: endorsing progressive candidates, partisan GOTV guides, and posting information in favor of a candidate or a policy.

Why We Have A PAC

Sunrise’s Political Action Committee (PAC) raises and spends money to elect progressive candidates in federal races (e.g.: phone banking, social media ads, and coordinating with campaigns).

Not all PACs are the same. We’re a grassroots, multi-racial, cross-class movement funded by ordinary people. We have nothing to hide: All of our PAC spending is public information on the FEC website.

That’s what sets us apart from other PACs funded by the military-industrial complex, fossil fuel executives, and big pharma. Those super PACs can spend unlimited money for a candidate, which means a wealthy few control the candidate’s agenda. This further entrenches economic inequalities and fails to represent the needs of the general public.

Donate to help grow the climate revolution. Together we can win.

Sunrise is a movement of young people to stop climate change and create millions of jobs in the process. We’re building people and political power to make this a country where all of us can have a livable future – no matter the color of our skin or where we come from.

Can you make a donation today to help us fight for a Green New Deal and win?