Goals 2017 - 2018

Fall 2017

Watch a 20-minute update from our September 19 watch parties. 

On September 19th, young people in dozens of states gathered in our living rooms, community centers, and worship halls to tune in to livestream watch party where Varshini Prakash and Dyanna Jaye shared our movement’s epic plans for the fall. Watch the movement update below and check out Sunrise's principles.


Phase one

June 2017 - April 2018

We are building political power by:

  1. Highlighting climate impacts already being felt across the U.S.
  2. Exposing the corrupting political influence of wealthy oil executives who have wrecked our economy and environment for their own gain and demanding that our politicians stand up for all of us.
  3. Spreading the word about Sunrise and recruiting for our movement.

Phase Two

May - November 2018

Our nonviolent army of thousands of young people will go all-in as volunteer organizers for the 2018 midterm election.

We’ll focus in ten politically significant states, where we’ll continue grassroots organizing, demand that all candidates refuse oil, gas and coal industry money, and get behind candidates with a conscience and a spine. We may even run some candidates of our own!

We call ourselves Sunrise because we know this dark time in America will come to an end. The sun will rise again. We are rising out of darkness to illuminate the truth and expose injustice. We know that when enough people see the light, the fossil fuel billionaires and bought out politicians can no longer hide in the shadows, and eventually — we will win. 

If we call out the fossil fuel billionaires running our democracy and build a genuinely populist movement to throw their corporate lackeys out of office, then we could be less than four years away from having a government of the people and a movement strong enough to pass our agenda. Join us to make it happen.

Our Four-Year Plan

Click the button below to view Sunrise's four-year plan.