Sunrise endorses candidates for federal, state, and local office who share our values and are ready to take on fossil fuel billionaires so we can stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

Endorsing candidates is a key part of our strategy. We do so with three goals in mind:

  • To change politics: Help elect candidates who represent a major break from the status quo for their district who will be more inclined to help us pass laws to protect our health, home, and future

  • To build political power for our movement: Show candidates, the media, and the public that there are incentives for standing with our generation by taking bolder stances on climate change

  • To show what leadership looks like: Uplift and tell the story of the policies, platforms, and politics that we want all candidates to adopt (on stopping climate change and other connected struggles for justice)

We make decisions about which candidates to endorse based on our Policy Priorities and Political Principles. Normally, Sunrise only endorses candidates in areas where we are actively organizing.

If you are a candidate seeking an endorsement by Sunrise, please complete our Candidate Questionnaire. Anyone who is part of Sunrise can nominate a candidate for endorsement for national endorsement here.

What a Sunrise Endorsement means

Sunrise supports all candidates that it endorses. At a minimum, this looks like announcing our support, displaying it on our website, and providing in-kind digital communications encouraging the public and our supporters to vote for the candidate.

We may also do any of the following for endorsed candidates:

  • Support candidates on the ground with people power through electoral programs like Sunrise Semester

  • Organize and direct our base to support candidates remotely with texting and calling tools

  • Raise money directly for candidates, when legally permissible

  • Embed Sunrisers directly with candidates’ campaigns to provide high capacity support, when legally permissible

Supporting candidates we do not endorse

Sunrise will also offer our support to candidates we do not endorse. This will happen when a candidate does not meet our standards for endorsement, but their opponent winning would be a completely unacceptable setback to our movement’s goals, and we make a strategic decision to campaign against their opponent.

National endorsement vs. Hub endorsement

Sunrise Hubs, as legally unaffiliated entities, are welcomed and encouraged to make their own endorsements and support candidates using their own resources. Hubs can also recommend candidates for endorsement by Sunrise nationally.